Low Income Woman Receives Pot from Government

Did you hear that sound?  That’s all 4 Republicans that read this blog weeping.  Unfortunately,  it’s not an American women, as much as we want the Obamanites to lose free market credibility.  No, it’s a woman from Nova Scotia that took legal action against her local government, so they would pay for her medical marijuana.  This might be going a little far.  Read on to find out more.

Via LA Weekly Blog

The patient, Sally Campbell, 61, won a Nova Scotia Supreme Court ruling that forces a local Community Services Department to pay for her medical marijuana, according to the Chronicle Herald. (Could you imagine the pandemonium in L.A. if Uncle Sam covered medical-grade pot?).  Canada has a taxpayer subsidized health-care system that provides medical services and prescriptions for free or at very low costs. Although she was prescribed medical marijuana, Campbell was denied the drug by the department.

This might be a bit much, but if there’s subsidized health care and she needs the funky nugget for medical reasons, then I don’t see the big deal.  Oh, I wrote about it, and now I’m saying it’s not a big deal?  Yea, I guess I’m being ironic, or as prissy people explain it every time someone is humming Alanis Morissete’s Ironic: “that’s not ironic, it’s merely coincidental contradictory incidents.”

Well that settles it.  I’m raising a family in Nova Scotia.  It’s even got purty rainbows

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You just don't get rainbows anywhere else right?

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Author: Tyrel

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