LSU wins BCS title in a lopsided win over Ohio st, are they legit Champs?

LSU Tigers 2007 National Champs

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The LSU Tigers are the 2007 National Champions after their shallacking of the Ohio State Buckeye’s last night. After falling behind 10-0 early the Tigers went on to score 31 unanswered points and didn’t look back. The final score was 38-24.

Here’s a video of the party in downtown New Orleans after the victory. The party looks pretty whack but check out how good this kid dances. They probably got him drunk.

So now the debate starts, Is LSU actually the best team in the country?

College football is the only sport where it is constantly criticized about who is the best team and why certain teams were not included. I don’t know how much criticism college football needs to take before they realize that their system is very flawed.

USC and Georgia each had legitimate complaints this year. Each of those opponents would have made a better opponent last night than OSU. You can even make an argument for West Virginia after they completely handled Oklahoma in their game last week.

There needs to be some sort of playoff or plus 1 system in college football. The main excuse they use is that they don’t have money but I don’t understand that considering that they manage to have a 64 team basketball tournament every year.



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Author: Lenny

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