Magic Flight UFO Review + demo video

Written by: Sean Hickey [editing by Patrick Thompson]

The Magic Flight products have proven their worth in my collection of vaporizing accouterments, and the UFO didn’t fail to impress. The San Diego-based company has changed the game of vaporization over the past several years and really hit the market big with this new product.

The mobility, ease-of-use and fact that all you need is a cylindrical container and some kind of liquid is what ultimately won me over with the Magic Flight UFO. If you need something to talk about or break the ice, just whip out your UFO — it’s bound to turn some heads and generate some “WTF’s.”

I know what you’re thinking: “Sean. You can’t possibly be telling me that this little wooden saucer can get me high.” Family, if there’s one thing I can promise you, it’s that this little wooden saucer will get you higher than you ever knew was possible. When used properly, this 4-inch bamboo disk has sent some of my friends on full-fledged space expeditions, only to be found back at the space station an hour later waiting for round 2. The fact of the matter is, yes, the Magic Flight UFO can certainly get you medicated.

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Author: Patrick Thompson

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