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Major Concentration: “Do You Dab?”

“Do you Dab?” 

When I meet people in my day to day professional or non HMJ social life I always eventually lead to hearing about my love of cannabis.  If they too admit to enjoying the flower I then always ask if they have tried concentrates.  I told one guy I was working with to go check out a hash bar that I loved here in LA, that has been since squashed. He went that same day I told him and raved about being the highest he has ever been.

I still lament the LBC Hash Bar that has now been rebirthed at the Tree House 420 Social club.  The LBC was my first spot to post up here in LA, I didn’t know many people, I loved dabbing and would frequently go spend the afternoon doing dabs and working on my computer.  I always would meet somebody interesting at the bar and I got to sample lots of DABS.

So are you asking what’s this Dabbing nonsense she keeps talking about?  Its all about hash, the extraction of the sappy trichomes off of the flower matter.  The essence of the plant.  Hash has many methods of extraction: water based methods, CO2 extraction, dry sift, heat/pressure, dry ice and the list continues to grow as I imagine it will with legalization on.

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I left off that list the most popular and controversial BHO butane honey oil is the most common extraction method among Americans that I would venture to say in our concentrates.  It is as you guessed it FLAMMABLE, yes go figure, butane is flammable.  I stress this because I leave hash making to people I know are doing this in correct conditions and not in their kitchen after a few YouTube videos.(this will get you on the news and make us all look like meth heads)

BHO has in itself many forms wax, overshatter, nectar, sugar, sap and shatter are some of the most common labels given them.  I most always smoke shatter. I prefer Nug Run, you can smell it for the most part.  Nug Run is referring to the material used to make the BHO, they used all flowers as opposed to trim which is more common to sell the flower and run trim. With the rise of BHO here in Cali, Nug Runs and marketing them as such has become popular.

I could elaborate on all of these for you but I’ll save those for future exploration.

There are a lot of controversy within the cannabis community on dabbing BHO, for starters butane is in there.  I would venture to say a lot of under purged BHO is circulating all over.  Purged is the process of removing the butane from the hash.  The use of vacuumed is key this process.  The Secret Cup is a concentrate competition that has a full lab testing on all entries that had some shocking results last year. More on the The Secret Cup SoCal next month.   I stick to a select few collectives that do lab testing.

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I’m not really condoning Dabbing.  I switch on occasion back to flower(bud) and don’t feel as though when I go back that its harder to get high, it just a different high.

Dabbing is actually the act of taking a dab(small amount i.e. 20th of a gram or more) and placing it on a heated element  at the vaporizing temperature.  People call their dabbing pipe a Rig, it’s generally a water pipe with a removable nail.  The Nail is your heated element that can be titanium, quartz or glass though there are some various new medical grade inventions.

This Sheldon Black rig is similiar to mine I have at home.

This Sheldon Black rig is the recycler version of the one I dab out of at home.

One tech, most common for heating your element, is a torch.  I personally use a small propane camping torch which renders fear in many an eye when I am dabbing in front of a non-dabber.  Clearly this dabbing fad has several caution elements in it.

So in review DO NOT make your own BHO, try bubble bag hash and water methods.

The TerpX Kosher Kush that just took first in the High Times LA Medical Cannabis Cup

The TerpX Kosher Kush that just took first in the High Times LA Medical Cannabis Cup

Why do I Dab?

Well I prefer the high, it’s a pretty clearheaded high for me and less of a smell. I enjoy a really yummy dab, and also I have respiratory problems since moving to LA and I can dab and feel better then when I smoke.  Not everybody can handle dabbing. I’ve seen some people have some almost bad trip reactions to dabbing.  You shouldn’t mix dabbing with activities like drinking.  I do fear of strange side effects, I have been dabbing for about 2 years now.

Feel free to leave your Dab experiences in the comments.

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Author: mj

Total cannanerd, new resident to LA transplanted from PVD, pool shark, photographer, designer and foodie.

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  • PhilHMJ

    Great article and as a fellow dabber, it’s a great perspective on the beautiful world of wax.

  • Jazz

    Tried dabs for the first time last year and I LOVED the high from it. My husband said he’s going to buy me a vape pen when we get our taxes I’m so excited!!