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A new university in Oakland, California is profiled in CNN’s ugly cousin: Time. Oaksterdam University in (coincidentally) Oakland, California is combining the soothing effects of marijuana with matriculation.  It’s been around since 2007, which means if you’re an employer you might already have some Oaksterdam resumes sitting on your desk right now, with Oaksterdam students that graduated early, or they’re bucking current marijuana stereotypes and getting a jump start on the professional world.  Find out more about this glorious education institution after the jump (this is one case where you won’t want to “damn the man”).

The school isn’t actually as corny as I made it sound in the lede, and it’s doing a huge service educating the more parochial members of these United States about the benefits a laissez-faire approach towards marijuana can have:

More than 17,000 students have enrolled since Oaksterdam opened in late 2007. The original student body numbered fewer than two dozen people. Most are from the U.S., but others have arrived from as far as Iran and Colombia to get training for the lucrative medical-marijuana industry. The concept itself originated in Amsterdam, where school founder Richard Lee visited a community-focused cannabis college and figured he could do the same in the Bay Area. A professional and transparent approach, he reasoned, could help erode the drug’s stigmas and eventually move the state closer to full legalization. Some alums have taken up his activist mantle, campaigning aggressively last year in favor of a statewide proposition to legalize and tax recreational cannabis. (It failed by an 8-point margin.)

The ending of the post leaves a lot to be desired though:

His long-term goal is to start his own small farm and join a dispensary co-op, with his father providing the start-up capital. For the time being, however, the former D student has raised the bar: he’s determined to be class valedictorian. “I don’t usually go all out [in school], but I can do this stuff … there’s a special motivation,” he says with a chuckle. “I mean, c’mon, man: it’s weed.”

It is in fact, “weed,” and the guy makes an excellent point about college loans (TRUST US), but you should try hard in school regardless. If you get good grades and succeed in life, you can tell anti-marijuana demagogues to go f__k themselves and lie on a bed of weed while you enjoy your life.

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