Man Breaks INTO Jail To Deal Drugs, Now He’ll Be Staying For A While

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If you are looking for drug dealers, it’s good bet that you can usually find them on the corners of your local hood selling everything from pills to smokeable substances. These guys main concern is looking out for police. Making sure they do not get caught and arrested. By that logic, you would think that a hustler would make every effort to stay as far away from a jail as possible. You would be wrong though.

Guards caught Finley using bolt cutters to get through the chain-link fence that surrounds the jail. Prosecutors said Finley had cocaine and marijuana in his possession.

“In 19 years of prosecuting you always encounter cases that make you believe you’ve seen it all — until you see a case of this nature,” Deputy Prosecutor Carlton Jones said. “It never ceases to amaze me.”

Is it me or is this completely ass backwards. The guy tried to break into jail with marijuana, cocaine and cigarettes like there aren’t tons of high school kids who would gladly spend all their lunch money to get these things. Now I am not encouraging anyone to go to schools to hustle their drugs because selling drugs in drug free school zones will get you a stiffer penalty. However, I wouldn’t recommend doing what this guy did either. There probably would be drug free jail zones too if that wasn’t obvious.

This guy is an idiot and now he will spend 5 years in jail wishing that he had that weed he was going to sell.

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Author: Lenny

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