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Man Refused Entry To America Due To A 1981 Cannabis Possession Charge

Canadian Myles Wilkinson was refused entry to the United States due to a pot possession charge of a mere 2 grams all the way back from 1981. Myles was the lucky winner of a fantasy football league contest that landed him two tickets to this year’s Super Bowl, but his previous possession charge denied him the right to cross into the states for the game.

So instead of enjoying his prize seats at the Super Dome in New Orleans, the organizers of the Commodore Ballroom Super Bowl party offered him the red-carpet treatment in pot-loving Vancouver.

bowl1Wilkinson gladly accepted and was even surprised by guest from the NFL baring gifts for the vicious cannabis criminal. “I’m a huge Seattle Seahawks fan, and Shaun Alexander is one of the all-time greats,” Wilkinson proclaimed. “When he arrived at the Commodore, he got out of the limo and said, ‘Where’s Myles?’ “He walked right over and gave me a football.”

Well, not that Myles had a choice in the matter, but he was in good spirits considering he couldn’t redeem his contest winnings in New Orleans.

And what are Wilkinson’s thoughts on how the current drug laws are affecting otherwise law abiding, tax paying, contributing members of society that choose to consume cannabis for recreational purposes?

Just shy of why he was denied access to the U.S.

Just shy of why he was denied access to the U.S.

“Marijuana’s legal in Washington now – everyone knows this is just silly,” Myles professed. “They’ve got to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana — it’s ruining people’s lives.”

Sound reasoning to say the least, especially considering Myles’ situation. It may not have ruined his life, but it sure is a trivial cause for being denied the ability to cross the border.

Would you like to see these archaic laws reformed in your lifetime? Then get actively involved on a grass roots level and educate yourselves and others about the science of cannabis.

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