Man Robs Couple Of Their Weed, With a Sword

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This is on some other shit…

NZ 3 News – A Christchurch couple was awakened in the early hours of the morning by a sword-wielding burglar who took their cannabis plant and growing equipment.

The Sumner couple were threatened by Roman Edward Brandon and an associate before they left with the cannabis plant, their growing equipment, tobacco, handbag and wallet containing $280, Christchurch District Court was told.

An occupier of the house who confronted Brandon was told that his girlfriend owed money.

Brandon, 21, a steel worker, from New Brighton, admitted burgling the house while armed with a sword with a 50cm blade.

He told police he could not remember what had happened because he was so drunk.

He is now in custody awaiting sentence on March 6, after Judge Stephen Erber told him, “Serious offending, Mr Brandon”.

Ok first of all. Wow, they came at them with a sword. If someone came in and tried to get me for my bud with a gun, I would probably try to fight them off but if they came at me on some Samurai shit I’d definitely have to reconsider.

Second, who calls to report that their weed got stolen to the police? Dry snitch much? This story is from New Zealand so I really don’t know what the laws are like over there but I’d imagine that you don’t want them to know that your growing weed. Even if it is legal, the less they know the better.

Next thing you know, you got cops coming in your crib arresting you and confiscating your weed. Then they take you into interrogation and they are clearly blunted, off your shit. Not goin out like that.

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Author: Lenny

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