Marc Emery Applies For Washington State Cannabis Consultant Gig

It seems you can apply for cannabis consultant jobs while serving time for selling cannabis seeds via the internet. Marc Emery has thrown his ganja guru hat into the ring of applicants interested in becoming one of Washington state’s Professional Cannabis Consultants.

The Washington State Liquor Control Board is eagerly seeking professional help to consult them in the area of retail sales of recreational cannabis. Think you have what it takes? Well, Marc is quite confident he has the qualifications and his letter inquiring about the open position proves to be very comprehensive.

Marc and his gorgeous wife Jodi.
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Marc and his gorgeous wife Jodi.

So if you think you might have an interest in the position check Marc’s letter of inquiry out as a guideline. Here is a very small excerpt from a very prime example of digression, otherwise known as Marc’s application for the gig:

Dear Sirs and Madams of the Washington State Liquor Control Board,

Please consider my bid, or rather, application for consideration, to be a consultant in one of the four fields of marijuana expertise required by the WSLCB:

1) Product and Industry Knowledge
2) Product Quality Standards & Testing
3) Product Usage and Consumption Validation
4) Product Regulation

I understand your need to meet the voter endorsed deadline of December 2013, whereby retail offering of cannabis products are expected to be found in the current WSLCB outlets. I offer strong skills in marketing, cultivation, genetics, breeding, retail, business, working with large groups of co-workers, but my only caveat is that I am currently a guest of the US federal prison system for my peaceful and successful involvement with servicing the needs of well over 3,000 citizens of Washington state in cultivating marijuana from 1995 to 2005 (as well as millions of others throughout the United States). I do expect to be released from this inconvenient situation and repatriated back to Canada in December of this year. Perhaps you can use my resume as back-up if one of the other applicants turns to be unsuitable when you can see their capabilities (or lack thereof) at close range.


If you have the time and the inclination surf over and check out the rest of Marc’s super long-winded, but very comprehensive letter of application right here!

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