Marc Emery’s Long Strange Trip

I will not recap Marc Emery’s journey on his way to his eventual destiny, but I will stop and watch the strangest twist in the story to date.  The former U.S. attorney, John McKay, who helped put pot activist Marc Emery behind bars, joined Emery’s wife, Jodie, at a press conference to call for the end of marijuana prohibition.  The press conference was organized by Stop the Violence BC, an activist group that has had major success in acquiring high-profile endorsements for legalization.  “Mexican drug cartels, dangerous gangs operating both in the United States and Canada, are all profiting from the black market that’s created by our failed policy,” McKay told reporters.
To her eternal credit Jodie Emery maintained her dignity. “I think it’s always a great moment when we have more people joining the call to end prohibition in order to save lives, save money, and get rid of the criminal control of this industry,” Jodie Emery said. “When we get people who are on the frontlines, who saw the damage done, admit the policy needs to be changed, I think that’s always a wonderful thing.”

Kudos to Jodie. I am reasonably certain I would have said something less polite. Join this story at Cannabis Culture.

[image: google images Marc Emery]

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