Marijuana Activist Detained at Canadian Border

Charlo Green, the marijuana activist who infamously quit her job as a news reporter on live television, was arrested and charged with smuggling marijuana residue over the Canadian border.


Upon arrival in Vancouver, B.C Canada, Greene was immediately recognized and referred to as the “f*ck it, I quit” lady by customer agents. The agents then proceeded to search her belongings; Cell phones, laptops, luggage, purses, and even Greene’s dog were searched. After coming up short, the custom agents conducted a strip search, but found nothing. Hours later, the agents allegedly found marijuana residue mixed in with lint at the bottom of Greene’s purse. Subsequently, customs charged Greene with suspicion of smuggling marijuana residue into Canada. After being detained by customs for nine hours, she was refused entry into Canada and was sent back to the United States.


Greene said that one member of her team who had a marijuana leaf on their hat was searched and handcuffed during the ordeal.


“This whole experience has just been really crazy and really disappointing” Greene said.


The incident forced Greene to cancel all the stops on her Vancouver tour organized by Phant Extracts. Greene said, “ I was excited that Phant Extracts gave me the opportunity to dive into British Columbia’s cannabis culture and what I hoped would be a progressive region as a whole. But when Canadian Customs threatened to take my freedom over ‘suspicion of marijuana residue’ at the bottom of my purse, and I literally mean less residue than there was lint, it became clear there’s still so much more work to be done and I plan on returning to help”.


Canadian Border Services has not made any comments regarding the incident.

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Author: Patrick Thompson

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