Marijuana and Human Rights..Learn How Your Click Can Save Lives

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Image Via Iran Press Service

I believe the appreciation of marijuana is universal. My toking brothers and sisters range the colors of the rainbow and speak in many tongues. What is also universal is the risks we share while we all seek the effects of marijuana for whatever outcome we seek when we take our chances and indulge. You could be looking to make enough money to eat; you could be looking to get your appetite back.

Some of us suffer in pain that can’t be seen; some of us suffer for body parts that are atrophy; some of us suffer from the inability to be able to connect to other humans in a meaningful way and so we use marijuana.

It hardly matters what country you live in, we’re are at risk of breaking laws when we smoke weed; but the question is..does the violation of those laws give the government the right to take a human life? The answer is “Hell Yeah”, if you live in any of these countries.

Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Borneo, Brunei, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Vietnam, Iraq, and Iran, among others. Change is possible though, since last month a court in India become the first to strike down their mandatory sentence of execution after determining it unconstitutional given the crime of drug possession.

Across the world, 32 countries impose capital punishment for offenses involving narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances. Of these, 13 countries (including India until today) prescribe mandatory death sentences for drug crimes. In countries like Iran and China that actually carry out executions, drug offenders constitute the vast majority of those executed. In May last year, the Court of Appeal in Singapore upheld the mandatory death sentence imposed upon a young Malaysian for possession of heroin.

You can read here for a detailed description of the types of crimes that routinely send a marijuana possessor to death in the country of Malaysia. The Death Penalty Project which is conducted by the organization Harm Reduction International works to bring about political and social pressure to countries who still employ the highest form of penal punishment in response to what could easily be considered personal drug use or a social hazard.

If you’re the reading type, there’s an entire report, titled “The Death Penalty for Drug Offenses: 2010” available for your reading pleasure. You can also visit the rouge site Legalise Cannabis International as they work toward bringing social media’s attention to the alleged Human Right’s violations suffered by Malaysian citizens due to cannabis.

No worries…I’m not asking for you to do extensive reading. But I am asking that you CLICK and sign your name to this petition that will go on to the United Nations as an alert that the international community is watching.

And then you can pass this along, or tell a friend, RT this article or press whatever other nifty buttons you have at your disposal.

We appreciate you!

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Author: TRJ

Political pondering as seen through a smoky purple hazed shade. A poet and provocateur who won't remember how and why I may have offended you please refrain from complaining. I love the kids; nature and I promote peace and humanity as mush as I can when not fighting domestic terrorist aka 'The Man'.

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