Marijuana Breath Strips Look Pretty Cool

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I am not aware of whether or not THC breath strips are a new invention or not because obviously they are not available where I am located but if you live in a place where medical marijuana is available, you should be able to pick up your own Med-strips, right now. I am jealous. Shout outs to my buddies at Potsitive Minds for putting me up on these. Here is their review of the strips.

Here is the breakdown:

Purchased in West Los Angeles, California
Cost: $10/ea. Or three 2-packs for $50.
Flavors available: Mint and Cinnamon
THC Content: 625mg per strip (a 45x sucker is 600mg)

The ups: Smoke free, could not be more convenient or discreet, actually packs a punch (especially if you take two at a time), excellent for the purse or wallet for those emergency times when you must get medicated

The downs: These are a little thicker than Listerine strips. When they dissolve, they turn into a little glob of goo in your mouth. That’s not so nice. Also, some might not like them because they abandon the natural wholeness of dried cannabis.

The rest: The taste is decent and about what you might expect. Like putting a nugget in a wad of spearmint gum and chewing it.

I want them. Now!!!! California, I’m coming.

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Author: Lenny

Women. Weed. Weather. @LennyGaiter @hail_mary_jane

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