Marijuana CEO Calls Out Arizona Governor On Her Weed Hating Bullsh*t Lawsuit

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Altitude Organic Corporation released an update to it’s shareholders last week to inform them of the status of the lawsuit bought by Governor Jan Brewster. The law suit bought on by the governor has blocked all marijuana related business development pending a federal court’s decision.

US attorney Scott Risner joined the American Civil Liberties Union and others to ask the court to allow the state of Arizona to allow the state approved marijuana industry to conduct business as usual while Governor Brewster waits for the courts to respond to her challenge. The defense asserts that Gov. Brewster’s lawsuit is frivolous and causes harm to the public in the form of lost earnings, restricted patient access and loss tax revenues for the state of Arizona.

CEO Brian Cook commented, “It is clear to most that the governor’s position is intended to thwart the implementation of Arizona’s new medical marijuana laws.  Not one less person is using cannabis in Arizona due to her delaying tactics. The costs to the state in lost tax revenue, delayed job creation, wasted lawsuit expenditures, and additional strain on our already overtaxed criminal justice system are enormous.

I’m not surprised that the CEO is being vocal in challenging the state’s attempt at restricting the access of medical marijuana. The special interest groups that are against the state voted cannabis industry are plentiful and their fear of legalized marijuana is real.

They run the risk of losing millions in revenue and people like Governor Brewster must do what they can do to protect the people that put money in campaign funds such as hers.

I applaud Brian Cook for stating the obvious about this waste of tax payer time and money. When the public becomes less tolerant of the political tricks used by our elected officials then maybe we can actually begin to benefit FROM our legal system. When the average person becomes educated about what’s going on it makes it so much harder for people like Brewster to deny citizens something they already chose for themselves.

Big Brother and Uncle Sam think they know what’s best for you and it’s high time for citizens like you and me to tell these over bearing babysitters to piss off and mind their business. If the voters have decided that they want that they want then who are these people to stop them.

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