Marijuana DOESN’T Cause Brain Damage: We Already Knew That Though

Marijuana Doesn't Cause Cognitive Brain Cells, Hail Mary Jane, News
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See, to the casual observer you may be under the impression that marijuana users are lazy, dumb, easily distracted and are causing irreversible brain damage each time we enjoy some bud. But what I know and what the rest of us smokers know is that weed doesn’t burn your brain cells and now this study conducted from the chaps over at the California Learning Center provides us with further proof.

But what about all the prior research linking cannabis with lasting negative effects on cognition? Those studies may have been confounded by the fact that in many cases, heavy users were tested after being abstinent for only one day — so their performance could have been affected either by residual marijuana in their systems or by irritability or other effects of withdrawal.

Most marijuana users have had to adjust their usage in order to deal with certain circumstances and responsibilities at one time or another. Once the weed has gotten out of our systems many realized they were just as lucid and intelligent as they were prior to them smoking marijuana. However, the need to quit smoking weed to improve brain function isn’t even a standard behavior across the board. I know people who’ve taken any test you can image, including the LSAT, high as kite and did just as good as the people that never, ever smoked weed did. I know plenty of raging smokers who are in the upper echelon of academia. You may too.

This is not an “us” versus “them” type of argument; rather my point is that much of what we fear regarding marijuana use is merely bias and untrue. Besides, I’ll put my stack of Dean’s List Certificates against your opinion to the contrary any day.

Until next time, Earthlings….Stay Cool.

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