Marijuana Gets A Bad Rap in the Gothamist-I Say P-Funk Did It!

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Last week, 23 year old DuJuan Marshall was arrested for allegedly storming a Bed-Stuy apartment and then robbing it of expensive musical equipment before jumping out of a window in an effort to escape. Poor, DuJuan says he doesn’t remember doing any of this and instead blames his moment or several of not-clarity on a dust filled joint he smoked earlier in the day.

On Saturday July 11th, The Gothamist reported the actual culprit of the crime as if it was marijuana.

Now, the man who police say jumped out of a second-story window after stealing musical equipment from a house of Brooklyn College bandmates explains what happened: it was the weed, man.

It’s in my personal experience that an every day weed smokers wouldn’t pull no ‘ish like this. Regular weed smokers are more likely to fall asleep then rob a place; no worries, man.

Had an innocent weed smoker pulled this stunt, he would have only broken into the apartment to get the instruments so that he could play the music in his head because sometimes you just don’t have a trumpet handy.

Had this been an innocent weed smoker, there’s only one REAL reason to break into an apartment and that would have been to rob it of all the M & M’s left over from Halloween!

Either way, this gives new meaning to the term ‘this is your brain on drugs’, DuJuan should learn how to pick better friends or his friends need to leave that P-Funk alone and get better weed.

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