Marijuana: Good or Evil?

Okay folks. Welcome to my debut and feature on HMJ! This is my first time on here, and I’m happy to be writing for such a unique site, thanks to my friend Lenny!

So for you daily visitors, the name’s Devon. I’m currently the NBA contributor for, and I’m not going to lie here people, marijuana is honestly like a wonder drug, a miracle drug, god’s healing plant.etc.etc.etc

So yes, you can say I’ve tampered with MJ here and there (smile). Care to talk sports? pot? chicks? cars? anything!? Follow me on Twitter!

But I’m done introducing myself, and I just want you to read what I’ve got folks. I present to you, my first ever feature on HMJ!

Well folks, we live in a society where  there is much to learn, do, and think about it. Sports being a HUGE one, just as politics, sex, money, and drugs. Whether you like it or not, there is always going to be the sensitive topics. So I was thinking to myself, and I aksed myself, “Devon, you know what? People need to stop hiding under the blankets and wake up to society’s problems and issues.” So I decided to enter the trenches of only where few writers have entered. The lair of sex, money, alcohol and…


The Great Debate on Marijuana

(also known as pot, weed, 4/20, fire, crippy, reefer, herb, ganja.etc.etc.etc)

Check the rest of the debate after the jump.

Well folks, here is another one of my “Great Debates, which are heavily debated topics on topics of high interest. No doubt in my mind that this is a much heated topic. Don’t believe me, type in “marijuana”, or “weed” on Google and then tell me how many mixed results you’ll get.

So folks, I’m not here to be the Pro or the Con, I am just here to bring you what I’ve uncovered. Heck, these can all be lies. Or our government could have had a few errors in past studies.

Whichever floats your boat, I am going to show you a few articles on how (probably) the most famous plant of all-time, may not be the devil, may not be an Al-Qaeda weapon, may not turn us into aliens, but it just might be good for something.

You know what, I lied, I’m going to show you exactly why I believe the marijuana plant, is not only a gift from God, but might actually lead our country in the right direction.

Click on the links below to see what I’m talking about:

Marijuana actually stimulates brain cell growth? (University of Saskatchewan)

List of myths/truths of marijuana (AskMen)

Myths and facts we’ve been told since day one (DrugPolicy Organization)

Weed kills brain CANCER cells (Forbes)

Good/Bads according to TIME (Time Magazine)

Alcohol causes more brain issuess? (Phys

Cannabis can stimulate today’s economy? (DailyFinance)

10 major benefits of smoking weed (Coed Magazine)

Marijuana vs coffee, alcohol.etc (Drug-abuse.suite101)

The Botany of Desire (PBS)

Medical Marijuana Benefits (WAMM)

Some “spirtitual” benefits of Marijuana (

Also hear the infamous conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones, explain how the government has more to tell (Youtube/InfoWars)

So I’m sure you get the point? This plant has been percieved as something to never be used, something evil, yada, yada, yada.

So while doing this article, I also had some useful info from some of my fellow writers. My good pal KVB (Kevin  Bertolini), told me to share a “marijuana-story” of his. Might I add, it actually was a life saver for the guy:

There are definitely better stories about how marijuana helped them medically. Like my great aunt who has glaucoma and it helps her deal with daily pain. But I do have a personal story to tell.
I broke a molar that was probably a cavity that needed attention. After the break and more deterioration the pain was awful and the tooth was obviously abscessed. The bacteria also gave me stomach pains with loss of appetite and eating was hard enough chewing on one side of the mouth. I was in a situation financially where I could not pay for treatment of the tooth (root canal) and was not eating any healthy amounts of food and losing weight. Overall it was hurting my health, food consumption, and I could feel my body getting weaker. Orajel and Act Restoring mouth wash helped the pain but it did nothing for my appetite.
I did smoke marijuana though and i felt like I could eat anything and everything. My weight was back up to a normal level (i lost 15 pounds before this process). And my body felt stronger and healthier which helped other things like my production at work and how I treated others since my mood is nicer when I feel healthy. Also I never abused pot and there was nothing addicting about it. So when I finally was able to get the tooth fixed, I never needed marijuana to feel hungry, happy, and healthy again. This story is an example of the very positive effects of smoking marijuana. If I was incarcerated while doing this “illegal drug” I can say it would not have solved any problems in society or helped any war
on drugs.
Another example of how this plant can work WONDERS. But ladies and gentlemen, I say that this plant is beneficial, but may I also add that marijuana, like everything else, needs to follow a simple rule:

Marijuana should be used, but not abused.

Thanks for reading everyone! I plan on making another appearance on HMJ in the future!

Til then guys!


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