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Marijuana Legalization Debate on ABC News

ABC News Now had a half hour debate on the legalization of marijuana featuring the executive director of NORML. They reply to twitter comments, in which just about every single one is for legalization. Check out the rest of the debate after the jump.

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Author: Burner

I'm currently a college student majoring in Economics, Health Administration Policy, and Pre-medicine. I intend to dedicate my career to cannabis research.

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  • Allen St. Pierre made that guy look absolutely stupid. Was that really the most intelligent person they could find for the con side? That's sad.

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  • Hippo

    What an asshole! his arguments dont make any sense! St Pierre destroyed them all!

  • backwoodburner

    Wow, that dude Brian had me yelling at my computer screen so loud my roommates had to come see if I was alright. What a fucking hypocritical doucebag, that dude made all of his statements based on his personal view point, no science or data involved at all. Everyone for marijuana already knows the pros/cons, its annoying when you try to have a debate and one party is clearly spewing out biased/nonfactual information for the dummies out there to eat up.

  • Jenn

    Is it just me or did that lady not look totally fucked up? Or is there something wrong with her eyes? Idk. Weird…

  • Jenn

    Actually, they all kind of looked high.lol

  • DanKarBat

    OMG that brian fag is the werst debater i have ever seen and what was with the reporters eye dam that was freacking me out. Everything that anit pot guy said made me want to punch him in his bias face

  • Brian Darling is a fucking idiot. None of his arguments make any sense AND he chews tobacco and drinks regularly. Nothing he said was backed up by any facts or research. I was ready to listen to his point of view, but stopped listening to anything he said after he put weed in the same category as heroine and cocaine. Really? Weed is the same as coke and herron? Instant fail.

  • dachshund

    Brian is an ill prepared, ill informed hack! His arguments are so hackneyed. His responses and points are the equivalent of the a kid saying…"your face is hypocrite". Kids always say it's harder to get alcohol than weed/drugs.

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  • WWWW


    I was waiting for a legitimate point the entire time from Brian, as there are real concerns to legalization, However, Brian was just not the right guy to deliver them.

    I vote Legalization, Control, Taxed, etc etc.

    because people just do it anyway, and why should we continue to spend billions enforcing, detaining these common, nonviolent marijuana users.

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  • I didn't know Forest Whitiker's sister was a news anchor. She has the family eye.

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