How To Make Marijuana Milk

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I have never heard of Marijuana Milk in my life. I don’t know if this is a new thing or old. Has anyone ever tried this Marijuana Milk?


  • 1 cup/250ml Whole Milk or Cream
  • 1/8oz/4g of finely ground cannabis*

The finer the powdered cannabis, the better this method will work.  Since the recipe calls for an eighth of an ounce of marijuana (hopefully purchased legally at a licensed dispensary) making massive quantities of the stuff may be a burden on on your savings.


  • 1. Add the milk and cannabis to a pan over medium heat.
  • 2. Allow mixture to come to a boil, and then allow to simmer for about an hour.
  • 3. Allow to cool and then pour into an airtight container in the refrigerator until needed. Use before the sell by date on the milk used.

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  • Definitely works dude.. Milk and butter absorb THC very well.

    • John

      I drank it once and within 15 minutes I was ripped. Passed out at the table and had to be put top bed. Very stron. I actually drank more than I should have as my buddy turned his head after telling me to drink more and I downed half a Snapple bottle.

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  • Feanor

    If your going to go that far you may as well add in some eggs, sugar and a vanilla bean then put it through an ice-cream maker.

  • Eywa

    yeah. it works….badass…..

  • FYI there are more, less disgusting ways of doing it.

  • brandon

    its so easy milk. I used 2 cups of mike and about 3 grams of leaf ground up.
    put it all in a pot bring to a boil then take it off the hot element and put it on another burner on the lowest heat for about 45 mins
    wait to cool then enjoy i v only done this twice and both times i got really stupid high it was great so yeah enjoy

  • brandon

    oh yeah use cheese cloth to strain the leaf or bud from the milk

  • Antony

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