Marijuana Money The Government Could Be Making

So much marijuana goes untaxed in the U.S and Mexico. Of three large marijuana busts in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California over 67 million dollar went untaxed. If it was taxed at regular sales tax of $.06, that is $40,200,000 worth of tax money that could of been paid to our government. That is only from three major drug bust in California, not counting the countless bust from around the country. In the video after the jump you will see some major marijuana busts in the U.S this past year. It is said fewer than 100,000 plants were seized in California in 1983. Last year, they seized more than 7 million plants with a total value of 15 billion. You can do the math on the tax money we lost out on.

12 mil/25 mil/30 mil Sierra Neveada Mountains, CA
85 mil Tijuana, Mexico
100 mil  Tecate, Mexico
48,000  US/Mexico Border
35,000 Sacramento, CA
15 Billion dollars all together

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