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Marijuana Policy Projects’ Battle Plan For 2013 And Beyond

The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) may have forgotten the golden rule when it comes to filling up your plate, take what you want, but eat what you take. In other words, the MPP has a lot going on for the year 2013 with the growing popularity of herb vaporizers.

The Project played an active role in assisting lobbyist in the passing of medical measures around the republic over their past 18 years in existence, including the monumental recreational Amendment 64 in Colorado.

mpp1This year’s helping from the legalization buffet line includes reform efforts in New England, California and Oregon. It seems the state with the best chance for success in 2013 will be the decriminalization efforts being made in Vermont with the Governor Pete Shumlin’s campaign support.

Another state placing high on the MPP priority list is New Hampshire, the only public in New England that doesn’t have some form of legalization. With newly elected Governor Maggie Hassan in favor of medical marijuana, one could only hope any sensibly written measure would stand a better chance at success than when the veto king and former Governor John-I’ll lynch your initiative-Lynch was running the show.

Rhode Island is eager to become the third state from this spectacular nation to legalize, regulate and tax cannabis for adults to recreationally possess and toke. They were fruitful in passing a decriminalization measure in 2012 and are hopeful that momentum will carry over into this year’s determinations.

The MPP will also be helping out legislators in Maine, where the voter support percentages are ranking as one of the highest in the mpp3nation. With solid statewide support and an ever changing national mindset towards cannabis approval, Maine could see recreational cannabis legalized for adult use by the year 2016.

Oregon and California will be back in the legalization hunt for the 2016 election cycle with tax and regulate initiatives of their own.

If cannabis hasn’t been made lawful for medicinal or recreational purposes in one of the aforementioned states at the end of their campaigns you can’t blame MPP for the lack of exertion. Join in the good fight and get actively involved on a local level to help bring an end to this archaic war on tokers.

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