Marijuana the new Oil

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With medical marijuana springing up all over our fair nation, marijuana dispensaries have become a boom market.  Or so says the Missoulian.  Read on to find out where the hell Missoula is, and we’ll read their entire article, so you don’t have to.  See, we do stuff for you here.

First off, Missoula  is at the far west of Montana, a state with Idaho on its west and the Dakota’s on it’s east.  Canada and Wyoming on the north and south round out it’s geography (sorry if it seems like I’m talking down to you because I had to look at a map to find Missoula, so don’t feel bad if you were in the dark like me).

So, now that you know where it is, let’s find out why marijuana has become big business.  Via

Since September, the city of Missoula has processed 28 applications for business licenses related to the commerce of medical marijuana.

‘I haven’t seen anything come on like this,’ said Scott Paasch, account coordinator for the city of Missoula’s Finance Department, which oversees business licenses.

‘We get at least one or two people a day who come in and at least three or four phone calls a day from people who want to know what would it require to get a license in the city to dispense or deliver medical marijuana,’ he said. ‘This isn’t a business boom. It’s more like an explosion.’

I love the feigned surprise.  You mean marijuana actually has a market!  Pish posh.  Couldn’t be.

It’s not just selling ganja that’s led to success, but all the businesses buttressed by marijuana sales (put that alliteration in your pipe and smoke it).  For example:

Montana Caregivers Network is a resource service that, among many things, connects patients to caregivers and helps people find doctors who support the use of medical marijuana.

Other businesses, like Zoo Mountain Natural Care Inc., a member of the Missoula Area Chamber of Commerce, have commercial storefronts and offer clinic-like settings with caregivers on staff who help patients choose from a smorgasbord of marijuana varieties.

Still other licensees cultivate the plants that produce medical marijuana in facilities outside the city limits, but deliver the final product in Missoula, and many are individuals who distribute the medicine from their home, Paasch explained.

It seems to be a thriving business.  Something that might-ahem-lead to more jobs.  Maybe even facilitate some additional tax revenue for debt ridden counties or states or–well you get where I’m going.

Come on America, let’s legalize dis ish.

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