Marijuana Use More Prevalent Than Cigarettes Among College Students

There’s a reason most comedy movies featuring marijuana take place in college. A recent study shows that marijuana use is more common among college students than cigarettes. Heavy users weren’t actually the norm, but of those surveyed, 6% reported using marijuana daily or at least 20 out of the past 30 days.

On the other hand, 21% said they had used pot in the last month, even in states where weed is currently illegal.

“The findings suggest that teenagers and young adults have absorbed public health warnings about the dangers of cigarettes, but increasingly regard marijuana as benign or carrying few risks,” said lead investigator, Lloyd Johnston.

Are you curious to learn more? Read the stats for yourself here.

What about you? Did you (or do you) light up our most favored plant in college, but not cigarettes?


[Image via: Philip Bump]

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Author: The Queen of Clovers

The Queen of Clovers has a love of fragrant, sticky green and her favorite strains frequently have Diesel roots. Find her blazing, hiking or writing at her site Toke Tank (, about all things weed-related.

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