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Marijuana’s Ten Commandments

Are these the unspoken rules of the stoner community? I definitely live by some of these rules. The one who rolls it should spark it and never complain about someones weed you’re smoking. If you don’t like their weed then don’t smoke it. “Left Hand Rule: Always Pass Left” is not true to me. What if you pass left and the person isn’t paying attention and not responding. Then I’m passing it right. Hell if someone calls dueces then I’m passing it to whoever called dueces. But they have to be sitting next to me, got to have a circle rotation. The one I do not partake in is the “Never Miss 4:20”. I rarely smoke at 4:20. If anything I smoke more weed at 4:20 am than I do at 4:20 pm. I don’t care about the time, I just wanna smoke my weed. Did they miss any rules or are some of these wrong? Via the sneaky tomato .

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Author: MisterMaryJane

I type stuff on a computer. Green@HailMaryJane.com - @MisterMaryJane

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  • Spoiled Sport

    I have a few disagreements with some of the rules.
    I) what is meant by the golden rule? is it he who has the gold or pot makes the rules?
    II) I agree with Green, sometimes a person is just not paying attention or may not be a toker and just ignores you so unless it came from my right and going left then I'll turn the other direction or try and bypass the person.
    V) I might occasionally refuse a toke if I am still choking for a breath or I need my brain for something.
    VIII) reloading a bowl every time is sometimes not fair if it keeps landing on the same person, if you have already filled the bowl then the next person should fill it. You also have to stop sometime.
    X) you can't always honor 4:20 if you are on the job or otherwise occupied.

    • smokeyyyyy

      Your over thinking it to much. Should porbably go smoke somethin.

  • I have class at 420 🙁

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  • Chill time, have a smoke!