Mark Cuban Is An Idiot

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I guess I can’t blame Mark Cuban for being mad. If my team was going no where but backwards after losing what was a surefire championship a few years ago and I was constantly asked what changes we are going to make, I guess I would look to find a scapegoat as well. As a result of “false reports” of trade rumors coming from blogs and other news sources, he feels that ESPN should make a list of blacklisted sports blogs that they feel should no longer be taken seriously.

I think he is serious too.

Its almost like a sad joke. How do you make an ESPN reporter jump ? Make up something and put it on your blog. Somewhere a bunch of sports bloggers are playing a drinking game. Chug if the other guys made up trade rumor makes the ESPN crawl.

How to stop it ? puts up a page of blacklisted blogs and websites who’s posts they wont comment on or report on in any way. It will create a short term surge of traffic for those sites, but then they will go away as the proprietors of the sites realize that being discredited is not a good thing.

Besides the fact that they have made many false reports in the past, ESPN has no right to say that these hard working blog owners should therefore be discredited. The bloggers guys go about finding their sources the same way any fan would and for the most part, they are just speculating about it just like any other fans would.  Should we then not be allowed to talk about sports with our friends as well?  Just because the audience is larger doesn’t mean that they should just be shut out.

I have a better solution.  How about Mark makes his little blacklist himself and shuts up.  ESPN makes a blacklist of NBA teams that aren’t going to win a championship anytime in the next decade and includes the Mavs right at the top of the list.  Everyone else lives happily ever after, continuing to ignore the insignificant, whiny team owner who likes to point the finger, ALL THE TIME.

Stop being so annoying Mark.  Please.  No one cares what you have to say.

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Author: Lenny

Women. Weed. Weather. @LennyGaiter @hail_mary_jane

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