MASS: MMJ Generating More Questions Than Answers

There is a disconnect between individual state’s allowing some or any type of cannabis use and federal insistence on prohibition. That gulf creates questions.  Here are but a few:

“But Decker says [police] officers should be able to help care for someone who has a marijuana certificate from their physician.

“If a spouse becomes a qualifying patient, the personal caregiver is someone who assists them in the administration of that medicine, but they are prohibited under the law from being a medical marijuana user,” Decker says. He argues that in this situation, officers should not face consequences.

Police chiefs across the state are reviewing this issue. An even bigger dilemma for those chiefs may be if they can issue gun licenses to civilians who use medical marijuana. The ATF spokeswoman said anyone who possesses a gun — not just police officers — cannot also possess marijuana. Gun license applications ask about illegal drug use. It isn’t clear if police will have a database of medical marijuana users against which they could check gun license applicants.

“If an applicant self-discloses that they are using what is a federally illegal substance, then that is going to present a new question for us,” says Wayne Sampson, director of the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association.

In Oregon, the state Supreme Court ruled that sheriffs can’t deny weapons permits to applicants because they use medical marijuana. The U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear the Oregon case. The federal ban on possession of a gun and marijuana stands.
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I recommend this wide ranging and informative article to you. It covers several of the questions arising out of the state/federal tension on this issue. Find the original post HERE.

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