Math & Washington’s I-502

The significance of I-502 is coming into sharper focus.  This is an except from a comprehensive article on this issue.  I want to pull out just a small excerpt and do some math.  I suggest you check my calculations.  Math was not, actually is not, my strong suit.


I-502 is the most comprehensive proposal yet. It legalizes one ounce of marijuana for people 21 and older, and creates a seed-to-store, closed, state-regulated monopoly estimated to raise more than $560 million in new taxes.

Details would emerge in a yearlong process at the Liquor Control Board, but a state fiscal analysis estimates I-502 would result in as many state pot stores — 328 — as there were state liquor stores, with 363,000 customers consuming 85 metric tons of pot, all of which would have to be grown in Washington state.

* * *
First, 363,000 customers? Yes, if you are talking about the first ten minutes of legal sales. That number is going to turn out to be a bit low, I suspect. Oh, well, let’s just use their numbers and quit kvetching.

One metric ton equals 2204.62 pounds, which we are going to call 2200 pounds. 85 x 2200 = 187,000 pounds of (hopefully and presumably) kind bud. Life is too short to smoke schwagg. 187,000 pounds consumed by 363,000 customers = 0.5151515 pounds of pot per customer. In a year? Lightweights, but, okay.

If you are following history as it happens keep up with this unfolding tale HERE.

[image: Google images Washington]

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