MediCab Micro Grow Cabinet Beginners Grow Series – Part 1

A great thing happened. I was asked to give an honest review of the MediCab Micro Grow Cabinet from The current model of the grow cabinet has won multiple awards. But, they are committed to excellence and wanted to continue to improve.

This lucky  guy right here was given the opportunity to beta test and provide feedback on the cabinet directly to the company’s CTO and CEO — who are as cool and helpful as can be, by the way.

Once you watch the video below, you will see the lettuce I attempted to grow on my balcony. You’ll quickly realize I have no idea what I am doing when it comes to horticulture. I believe that is why I was chosen — for my complete lack of knowledge and my inexperience with growing anything. How I do love the the herb, though. Love and a good cabinet will conquer all.


There is little to say other than it’s the easiest to use cabinet ever. Quite literally, if I can use it, anyone can. Yes — it may sound cheesy and cliche — but it’s legitimately true. You watched the video. That lettuce probably would have made your tummy rumble a bit.

And for all of you Grow Cabinet nerds out there, here are the specs of the MediCab Micro grow cabinet:  

Dimensions:  18″ deep x 24″ wide x 30 1/8″ high

Access requirements: 21 7/8″ in front of cabinet

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[Image via adam.referme]

Airflow requirements: 6″ behind cabinet

Published Weight: 34 lbs.

Power consumption: .6 Amps / 38 Watts


The grow cabinet was shipped discreetly, well packed and not damaged. It came 95% ready to plug in and grow.




I did call Cabinet Grow’s customer service a couple of times with extremely dumb questions such as: “So I put the plastic cover over the seeds after I plant them, right?” Yes, this happened and it was embarrassing.

Again, this is how little I know, but their customer service was awesome about it. They were more than happy to answer my silly questions. To me, the instructions were lacking a few things; yet, customer support was able to help me with everything I needed.

My customer experience with Cabinet Grow has been the best I have ever encountered and they took my feedback seriously. They even made some tweaks based on my feedback to make the cabinet even better.


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[Image via adam.referme]

Other than what you receive with your MediCab Micro, to start you really only need some basics:

-Access to water and electricity

-A small area for the grow cabinet

-Seeds or clones – Preferably marijuana seeds or clones – hooked me up with some pure northern lights seeds. They’re chill and awesome people. (Follow them on Facebook)

-The ability to read or have someone to read to you

Then, all you have to do is:

-Unpack the MediCab Micro and follow the install instructions

-Plant seeds with the included “starter cookies,” tray and plastic covering

-Add water (of course)

-Set timer for lights to be on 24/7

And huzzah! The magic is about to happen. In 7-14 days, you will definitely see results. I saw some in just a couple of days.

Check out the video below of where my ladies are at now.

This is Day 50, just two days after putting the girls into flowering and adding nutrients for only the fourth time in 50 days. Wanna keep ’em clean, but the brown on the leaves could be from lack of nutrients.

I can only hope that you have chosen to grow the greatest plant ever. My girl. My main bitch. That sexy thang that goes by many names… but one we all know, Mary Jane!


Be sure to check in soon to see the MediCab Micro grow cabinet rating and check out the buds.


 Any pro tips on growing Pure Northern lights in a grow cabinet would be cool, too.


[Images via adam.referme]

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Author: adam.referme

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