Medical Cannabis Updates

Lots happening in the world of medical cannabis.  Let’s check in:

Long term cannabis use & health: The consumption of cannabis over a two-decade period is not associated with increased cardiovascular risks or lung health problems at mid-life, according to longitudinal data published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) . . . Researchers reported that long-term cannabis use was only associated with health declines in one domain (periodontal health) after investigators controlled for potential confounding variables, such as concurrent tobacco use. By contrast, authors acknowledged, “[C]annabis use was associated with slightly better metabolic health (smaller waist circumference, lower body mass index, better lipid profiles, and improved glucose control)” – findings that are consistent with prior studies.

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As if the world isn’t mean enough already, kids get cancer.  Pediatric oncology:   More than nine in ten pediatric oncology providers with opinions favor patients’ access to cannabis therapy, according to survey data provided this week at the 2016 annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology . . . Of those, 92 percent said that they were “willing to help pediatric cancer patients access medical marijuana,” and just over one-third (34 percent) acknowledged that cannabis therapy “is appropriate in the early stages of cancer treatment.”

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In Vermont the medical cannabis law is being expanded: Governor Peter Shumlin has signed legislation into law expanding the state’s medical cannabis program. Senate Bill 14 includes various patient-friendly provisions: It permits patients with glaucoma and ‘chronic pain’ and/or those in hospice care to be eligible for cannabis therapy; it eliminates the requirement that patients must have previously tried other conventional treatments “without success” prior to being eligible for medical cannabis; it amends existing doctor/patient relationship requirements in a manner that expedites certain patients eligibility to receive cannabis treatment; and it authorizes naturopaths to make medicinal cannabis recommendations.

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Expansion of the medical cannabis program is coming to Illinois, too. Governor Bruce Rauner has agreed to sign off on legislation to expand and extend the state’s medical marijuana program. The legislation (Senate Bill 10), which still remains to be signed, extends the state’s medical cannabis program to 2020. Legislation initiating the program was set to expire in 2018.
Other changes to the program include:
1. Adding post-traumatic stress and any terminal illness as qualifying medical conditions;
2. Extending the lifespan of state-issued registry cards from one year to three years in duration;
3. Amending the requirement that physicians must explicitly recommend cannabis therapy. Instead, physicians will only be required to certify that there exists a bona fide doctor-patient relationship and that the patient possesses a qualifying condition.

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