Medical Marijuana and Violence

We already wrote about the situation that came to pass in Orting, Washington.  Unfortunately, we don’t have the story up yet, so rest assured you’ve already seen it.  Now, the Times, yes, the New York Times is writing about the increased violence facing many growers and medical marijuana suppliers.  Read on to find out about the story without actually have to read it.

Let me summarize the Times article for you.  Basically, the Orting, WA incident combined with the recent information regarding the shooting at Steve Sarich’s home (he of CannaCares) have resulted in, get this, an issue.  So, the Times is actually shedding light on the increased risk that marijuana growers are exposed to in the state of Washington.  If you read the post about Orting, WA, then you’ll have some idea how terrible it’s become for the growers.  Sarich is the only one that seems to have an idea of the liability at stake, and carries a gun.

On Monday, a prominent medical-marijuana activist shot an armed man who is accused of breaking into his home in a suburban area near Seattle where he grows and distributes marijuana plants.  On Tuesday, the police arrested five people on robbery charges in connection with the shooting incident. One of those arrested is in critical condition after being shot by Steve Sarich, who runs a group called CannaCare out of his house. Mr. Sarich suffered minor wounds from a shotgun blast fired by the intruder he shot.

So, Sarich, being the badass I know he is, shot the guys that were trying to rob him.  If you haven’t read the Orting, Washington post yet (can I stress this enough), the man who was robbed was also violently beaten with a crowbar and subsequently died (yes police malfeasance was involved).

Dear growers and medical marijuana providers in the rainy state of Tom Robbins and Shawn Kemp before he was fat (Washington), PLEASE GET GUNS.  Seriously, you will need to protect yourself like Sarich did because the po-po never will.


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