Medical Marijuana Bills Would Make Maryland 17th MMJ State

Last week House Bill 1024 and 1148 were introduced to the Maryland House of Representatives and Senate. HB 1024 would allow doctors to give their patient’s recommendations to use medical marijuana and be able to legally obtain it from a licensed and regulated dispensary while HB 1148 would oversee the cultivation and distribution side of the program. In a recent poll conducted by Gonzales Research, it showed that 64% of Maryland voters are in favor of the medical marijuana.

You can really see how times have changed in the last 10 to 20 years, because Maryland is just one of 17 other states considering facilitating a medical marijuana program.

Maryland would become the 17th state with Washington D.C. to allow the compassionate use of medical marijuana.

This looks like good news for the Marijuana community but especially for the east coast where MMJ hasn’t been as generally accepted yet as a legitimate form of medicine. Hopefully this year will be a year that a lot of states will decide to make the leap. If so, this will turn out to be very interesting considering it’s an election year and also the fact that Obama up to this point hasn’t kept his promises on allowing states to decide their own rules and regulations when it comes to medical marijuana and with more states becoming medical marijuana states, it’s going to become even harder for Obama or whoever our next President may be, to keep cracking down on MMJ on a federal level.

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