Medical Marijuana Growing In Oregon

HMJ is watching medical marijuana unfold like a beautiful flower out on the west coast.  Let’s check in with Oregon:  “The number of Oregon Medical Marijuana Program cardholders has nearly tripled in the past three years, and the growth trend also is present in the mid-Willamette Valley.  In that time, Oregon and Linn and Benton counties all saw an increase of about 165 percent in medical marijuana patients.
Officials with the Oregon Health Authority, which administers the program, said that the agency tracks figures but doesn’t analyze them. [Why not?] Out-of-state residents can get cards in Oregon. There are complaints that doctors need to be held more accountable in recommending the drug, and that minors using medical marijuana need to be  evaluated frequently by a pediatrician. [Minors using mmj; that’s an interesting discussion we should have]

The growth in medical marijuana cardholders has slowed after sharp climbs in 2010 and 2011, according to Oregon Health Authority quarterly figures. Oregon cardholders increased by 9 percent since last July, while Benton County rose 11 percent and Linn County 15 percent. Despite the trend of the past three years Oregon medical marijuana patients actually have declined slightly since January, according to state figures.

The Oregon law provides legal protection for qualified patients, mandates a state registration system, and requires a physician-written statement of the medical condition that marijuana is needed to treat. The standard application fee to use medical marijuana in Oregon currently is $200.  If the patient chooses a grower other than himself, there is an additional $50 required.

During the first year of the program, only 600 patients were registered to use medical marijuana, according to an Oregon Health Authority packet.”
Original source material is HERE, and it includes Oregon county numbers over the mmj years. Enjoy.

[image: Google images Oregon]

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