Medical Marijuana Michigan Style

A package of four contentious bills defining medical marijuana use passed the Michigan House Thursday and will go to the state Senate.   The four bills would (1) require Michigan Marijuana patients to have photo ID on their registry identification card, make the card valid for two years and privatize parts of the registration process. It would also allow law enforcement access to information about patients on the registry. [say that last part again? what?] (2) would offer stricter guidelines for the “bona fide physician-patient relationship” as it relates to medical marijuana use, including requiring an in-person physical examination of patients.  (3) would put the penalty for selling marijuana without a proper registry identification card within the sentencing guidelines for a two-year felony, [watching for the resale of mmj on the street] and finally (4) would criminalize the transportation of medical marijuana in a motor vehicle under certain conditions [this is, “define when the transport of pot is NOT a crime under mmj.”]. No one has ever had to answer these questions before.
Sounds kind of work-a-day and boring, yes? But the shape and structure of a cannabis-legal future is being created. Since we are the ones who primarily benefit from the coming change, we should be the ones involved in this discussion. Any discussion about us, and certainly for us, must contain some of us. Greenies, more of us have got to get involved. Sorry, I digress . . . Back to Michigan.

“Earlier this week, Rep. Mike Callton (R-Nashville) introduced a different bill addressing medical marijuana to the House. HB 5580 would regulate medical marijuana dispensaries and provisioning centers to ensure they are safe and clean. “Since medical marijuana became legal in Michigan, dispensaries are popping up left and right and we need to make sure these places pass the grandma test,” Callton said in a release. “If you wouldn’t feel safe having your grandma go to one of these places to pick up her medical marijuana, as if she went to a pharmacy, then it needs to be cleaned up or closed down.”

I absolutely must agree that the Grandma test seems the correct choice. The simpler and less expensive “Nana” or “Memaw” test protocol might do in a pinch or if money was a problem, but you will be confident in whatever your result with the Grandma test. Yes sir.

Our story wraps with a “memo released by the U.S. Department of Justice last year that said that state laws do not protect patients from federal prosecution.” That’s not what we were told earlier by the boss of the Justice Department’s boss, but we’ve been lied to before. Let’s don’t get fooled again. Our original story is from the Huffington Post.

[image: Google images Michigan state flag]

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