Medical Marijuana Patients Not Allowed To Own Firearms

One thing that many medical marijuana users and Greenies alike may not be aware of is that if you have a license that permits the purchase of marijuana for medicinal purposes you legally can be denied a gun license. USA Today ran a story about Robbie Regennitter, a hunter out in Montana who was sent a letter from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms saying that it was illegal for him to own any firearms due to his medical marijuana license.

The quote below is an exact excerpt from the memo written by Arthur Herbert, Assistant Director of the ATF:

any person who uses or is addicted to marijuana, regardless of whether his or her state has passed legislation authorizing marijuana use for medicinal purposes, is an unlawful user of or addicted to a controlled substance, and is prohibited by federal law from possessing firearms or ammunition>”

Drew Wade, an ATF spokesman, said that the memo is suppose to guide firearms dealers on how to operate under federal laws and wasn’t intended to directly address medical marijuana consumers. The US capital Washington DC, along with sixteen states, have enacted medical marijuana laws and yet the federal government has marijuana classified as a Schedule 1 controlled substance making any use illegal. One thing I find interesting is when the ATF was asked to re-word the firearm application to help clarify the laws they simply replied ‘no’ citing that the application as being the same since the 1960s as a reason not to change it.

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But No laws for all the Whackos on PRESCRIPTION DRUGS that have more SIDE EFFECTS than good effects
and is there a list that the GOVERNMENT has with all the SPEEPLES names that our gov. has approved supposed
legal drugs that are GOOD for us SPEEPLE……………

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