Medical Marijuana, Risky Business in AZ

This past Monday the Arizona Medical Marijuana Association held a forum in downtown Phoenix for those interested in starting a business in the medical marijuana field in anticipation of the state of Arizona passing medical marijuana laws in late Feburary. What they learned at this event must have been a serious buzz kill. States like California and Colorado seem to have a flourishing medical marijuana industry, but industry experts say Arizona is not in the same situation.

They said most state and local political leaders oppose medical marijuana and will likely find ways to fight or block the opening of dispensaries.

More info including a video on this event after the jump

Another thing that makes getting into the weed dispensary business less appealing to Arizona residents is that the state’s law says that dispensaries must be run as a non-profit business, though many kind-hearted souls that attended the forum exclaimed that medical marijuana is a great alternative to over-the-counter medications and getting into the industry will help the public.

“It’s something that you have to care about and show compassion to get into.”

That sounds like some people I can trust to get my goods from if I was ever a patient.

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