Medical Marijuana Ruled Illegal in Michigan, Raids Begin

Just when you feel like we are making progress in the war on drugs, we have unfortunate setbacks like this. On Tuesday a court ruled that the sale of marijuana in a dispensary business model is illegal. This is a really difficult situation for patients and dispensary owners alike.

The ruling make the 200-300 dispensaries and as you can see from the video above, they mean business. They have already begun doing raids. This has forced many dispensary owners to close their doors.

“It would be dangerous to operate with the specter of a criminal case hanging over our head,” said John Lewis, lawyer for Compassionate Apothecary in Mt. Pleasant, the center of the marijuana maelstrom.

Richard Celmer, 46, of Chesterfield Township went without marijuana to ease pain from his stomach cancer Thursday because the Big Daddy’s dispensary in the township stopped selling medical marijuana Wednesday.

Celmer uses the dispensary when his regular caregiver can’t meet his needs. “When I do need medicine, this is where I come,” he said.

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The ruling is currently under apeal. We will see how this thing plays out. High Times recently announced that they are having a cannabis cup in Detroit so I wonder how this will affect that. I will keep you guys posted on that because I planned on attending that event.

Here is a video of Rick Thompson, spokesman for the Michigan Association for Compassion Centers, arguing for medical marijuana in court. The fight is on, LET’S GO!

What do you greenies think about this situation? Let me know in the comments.

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