Medical Marijuana Workers Unionize In Colorado

Health benifits are a category of high interest when choosing a career, to ensure that is provided in the workplace unions are necessary. The United Food and Commercial Workers, the biggest union in Colorado, announced that medical marijuana workers have been a big contribution to the group, joining by the hundreds.

In Colorado, the UFCW has about 25,000 active members proving that the impact medical marijuana can have could be huge anywhere just by looking at the numbers. What I found surprising was of that 25,000, about 8,000 members come from the medical marijuana field. If that number does anything it should put in persective how possible a career path this industy can be well as the professionalism needed to be apart of it.

Kim Cordova, UFCW president says::


We are the retail food, pharmacy, agriculture, food processing, and healthcare Union in Colorado and around the nation,”


Note that in the spring of last year hundreds of MMJ workers from California joined the UFCW. These workers need to all come together and unionize, it is a necessary step forward to be taken to have complete cannabis legalization. As responsible smokers we need to support everything that takes steps to validate this industry especially ones that provide the type of benifits that enable the medical marijuana field a legitamite career choice. Remember Greenies this is an election year.

[Image via UFCW 324]

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Author: Blake

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