Medicated Monday – 4/9 – Strain Review: Private Reserve

Name:  Private Reserve

Menu/Website:  Westside Caregivers / WCG Menu

Type:  Indica Dominant (The problem with a strain named “Private Reserve” from a collective is that can be ANY top shelf although usually Indica dominant strain! The ratio and lineage for this particular “Private Reserve” review is unknown.

Price:  $45/eighth

Grade: A

Appearance:  Large, tight, firm, evergreen tree-shaped buds that are a bright and dark shades olive-green with plentiful amber hairs and plump, crystalized trichromes over the entire surface area of the bud.

Smell:   Distinct, Pine-sol smell when first opening container. After breaking open a nug, there’s a sweet almost sesame seed aroma that hits you. Sweet pine is definitely the dominant smell overall.

Taste:  The taste is a very sweet sesame taste when the amber hairs are first fired on. As the rest of the flower burns, the distinct flavor of sweet pine takes over. Upon exhalation, the taste becomes a bit more metallic tasting. It may not sound very pleasant, but it’s taste is complex from inhalation to exhalation with very distinct flavors along the way.

Buzz Type:  Full body instantaneous high upon exhalation. The Indica “body high” properties are immediate but it also creeps…meaning it keeps getting stronger and a bit headier as time passes. This bud is NOT something to smoke first thing in the morning, unless you have absolutely NOTHING you need to do for a while. The buzz is like a warm blanket when you’re cold; it gets more and more comfy (stoney) as you settle into it.

Buzz Length: The buzz length was surprisingly longer than what I generally experience from an Indica-dominant hybrid. It’s an instant body high the second you exhale, so there’s no need to smoke more than one bowl for a good 3 and half hours. It’s good for inducing mid-afternoon weed naps!

Medicinal Use: Heavy Indicas and Indica-dominant strains are great for insomnia, and severe pain. Headaches are alleviated. Private Reserve can be used for anxiety or stress but it might interfere with your ability to function effectively in situations that cause stress and tension by making you really tired and sleepy.

Personal Comments: Whenever I find “Private Reserve” in a collective or dispensary, I wind up getting some! I get some partly because it’s almost always a top shelf strain, usually a very heavy Indica and in limited quantities. The bad thing about finding Private Reserve is that you never really know the genetic lineage, so if you are medicating for specific ailments, it might not be the best selection because of its mystery lineage/properties.


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Author: Doodette420

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