Medicated Monday CO2 Brown Sugar [Product Review]

Name/Type: Brown Sugar/CO2 Extracted Concentrate

Collective: Westside’s Finest Collective


Grade: A

Donation Amount: $60/gram

Type/Appearance: I am not certain of the strain or strains used to make this particular concentrate. The term Brown Sugar or Sugar only refers to it’s texture, not it’s strain.  Dark amber in color. I describe it as a gritty, grainy sugary texture in an oily base.

Taste/Smell: The taste is a strong lemon pledge flavor in your mouth and somewhat minty once you blow out the hit. The smell is strong oaky and resiny. It says it’s a COs extracted concentrate but I’m not completely convinced since it has a very strong butane smell to it.  Although I’ve never made a “sugar” type concentrate personally, I’m very familiar with the chemical and solvent smell that some waxes, oils and hashes have. It’s all due to the extraction process. That could seriously harm ill patients that may have a reaction to chemicals like butane.

THC Levels/Effects: 10 out of 10!! I use a titanium nail and globe to smoke the gooey or moist concentrates. This Brown Sugar was an instant rush to the dome  before I even finished my exhale!  My body became instantly relaxed and my head felt lighter, more spacious. It didn’t completely couch-lock me and I was able to concentrate more on the tasks at hand without the excruciating headache I was experiencing just moments before.

Buzz Length: A solid six hours or more. The high was intense and heavy but not completely knock-out stuff. The buzz stayed intense for several hours fading after about six hours. I didn’t have any annoying hard crash after smoking this concentrate either!

Personal Comments: As with all hashes, waxes and oils, they contain higher THC and CBD concentrations. Their ratios and amounts are  completely dependent on the strain used. If I knew more about the strain used to make this particular Brown Sugar, I may be able to suggest it for specific ailments. More and more research is being done on strain specific CBDs to treat specific illnesses.  I’m really happy with my selection and would recommend it for anyone who needs help with concentration or are experiencing headeaches.

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Author: Doodette420

Doodette who loves #cannabis! Like meeting other 420 friendly peeps. Outgoing, down to Earth, demented & probably going to hell. Let's smoke a doobie! Twitter: @DoobieDoodette

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