Medicated Monday [Concentrate Review] CO2 Juicy Fruit Budder

Name:  CO2 Extracted Juicy Fruit Budder

Menu/Website:  Venice Medical Center/ Menu

Type:  Concentrate/CO2 Extracted Budder

Appearance:  A beautiful golden “light brown sugar” color with a texture a moist, flat dense pancake like texture.

Smell:   An almost banana-like fruity aroma that stays fruity.

Taste:  The taste is like its name suggests juicy fruit the gum! This strain has been around for years and it hasn’t lost its flavor aroma or high! The flavor has a hint of banana with a fruity finish. It’s not very expansive in the lungs which makes it exceptionally pleasant without the coughing.

Buzz Type:  Instantaneous right to the head buzz! A straight up Sativa gives you the dreamy, floaty, heady feeling right away. Within the first two minutes, you feel motivated and almost buzzy with energy. Your mind is cleared but this strain tends to keep you unfocused which might be bad if you need your mind dedicated to one particular task. There’s no hard “crash”, even hours after smoking it.

Buzz Length:  Since this is a concentrate, the buzz length lasted about for four and a half hours. That is actually a little less than most concentrated strains. Kind of time-warpy because time will pass quickly when you aren’t aware that it has.

Medicinal Use: The Juicy Fruit strain has been used to treat anxiety, depression and social anxiety. Juicy Fruit can be used as a mood elevator/enhancement. Motivation and energy are also benefits this strain is known to provide.

Personal Comments: There are a lot more potent Sativa strain budders and waxes out there, but Juicy Fruit is one of my favorites for several reasons. It’s an instant hit to the head strain, it has a very nice flavor/taste on both the inhale and exhale. I really like this particular strain because it’s very uplifting and motivating which is exactly why I consume Sativas. I’m glad there are growers continuing to grow the classic strains. I like OG’s but am a sucker for a classic strain like Juicy Fruit.

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Author: Doodette420

Doodette who loves #cannabis! Like meeting other 420 friendly peeps. Outgoing, down to Earth, demented & probably going to hell. Let's smoke a doobie! Twitter: @DoobieDoodette

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