Medicated Monday: Concentrate Review: Sour Diesel 25k Shatter

Name: Sour Diesel 25k Shatter

Grade: A-

From: HashRules X TrimLific Extracts

Cannabinoids: None for current batch. (Previous batch tested 80.3% THC & 1.5% CBD by SC Labs)

Type: (S/I) A sharp Sativa hybrid that calms the racy buzz very nice with it’s hybrid/Indica effects.

Cost: $40/g

Looks: When the gang over at TrimLific Extracts create a concentrate that is perfectly vacuum purged to the best of their ability the result is what they call a Sour Diesel 25k Gem! The gram I received was so amber & transparent that if I were to roll it up into a ball you could stick a mosquito in it and place it atop a cane a la Jurassic Park! As far as appearances go with dabable concentrated they don’t really get any better than this: Clear, clean, and amber!

Scent: Comparing it to a Sour Diesel Full Melt the terpenes just don’t quite waft off of the Sour Diesel shatter quite like a terp rich full melt would. That being said there is a faint minty hash smell that comes off when placed right under the nose with a bite of sourness, but overall the smell just isn’t all that strong.

Taste: I broke off a appropriate sized dab with my hands, were I to try with my dabber the shatter is so stabled I feared it would shoot across the room. After heating up the HighlyEducated V2 Ti nail just enough I threw on the dome and watched the magic happen! The once stable shatter melted into oil and vaporized instantly with no sizzle and a light sear. The terpenes were all in the vapor, as the caressed my taste buds before passing into my lungs I experienced a sharp, flavorful, yet very clean sour diesel flavor that I have only found in water hash previously. There are tasty budders out there but I have yet to taste anything comparing to the crisp, clean taste of a top shelf full melt… until now!

High: I was instantly blasted into the stratosphere! The heady rush came fast but wasn’t over whelming, but I could tell right away this was some of the best Sour Diesel hash I have ever had in any form! While extremely mentally stimulating the feeling fell just short of being racy and caused no anxiety or paranoia of any kind. What kept the super strong Sativa buzz in check was a light Indica under buzz that almost went unnoticed.

Buzz Length: After a few generously sized doses I went about the rest of my night for about two hours before heading to bed, all the while feeling extremely medicated up until I finally fell asleep. The buzz kept me plenty elevated the entire time with no noticeable come down, although it was clear the buzz wore off while I was getting some of the best sleep of my life!

Medicinal Applications: For patients seeking a mood elevator that will keep you chipper and alert this Sour Diesel shatter is the perfect choice. There is no heavy haziness to the buzz, rather it’s almost like a light shot of caffeine straight to the brain without the jitters! I would recommend this for patients suffering from: depression, lack of motivation, lack of energy, stress and anger.

Overall: The TrimLific Extracts Sour Diesel 25k Shatter I was blessed to receive from HashRules is out right the best shatter I have ever had in my personal possession. The Sour Diesel 25k Shatter is in my top 3 of best dabables and one of the top two Sour Diesel hashses I have ever had the opportunity to medicate with. While it’s hard to make it number one in those categories due to the weaker aroma emanating from shatter, ever other aspect of the concentrate, from flavor to potency to looks, was a solid eleven out of ten! With so many various typed of BHO’s in the extract culture it is extremely difficult to argue that the process of vacuum purging isn’t one of the most efficient methods of purging BHO currently practiced today. Unfortunately due to federal laws we are unable to do further research into the proper process of extracting cannabinoids with or without using solvents, but with extract artists like TrimLific, HashRules, and other pioneers in the art form that is cannabis concentration we are seeing multiple techniques resulting is different variety of concentrates with each and every one being argued as “the best stuff”, but when it comes to the cannabis plant, let alone its extracts, we have yet to even scratch the surface of its true potential.

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Author: SuperXinck420

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