Medicated Monday: Concentrate Review: Vortex Mix Shatter/Sexy Oil

Name: Vortex Mix Shatter/Sexy Oil (S/I)

Grade: A

From: Private Patient Caregiver

Type: (S/I) An excellent concentrate leaning a little heavy towards the Sativa side while still retaining excellent Indica traits.

Cost: $30/g

Looks: This wonderful concentrate is an extremely stable BHO that has been vacuum purged to perfection. The result is a completely stable hash oil with a golden amber transparent color that I refer to as “sexy oil”, a term I first heard from fellow cannabis connoisseur describing hash oil stable enough to handle with your hands at room temperature. While mostly stable the oil begins to melt if exposed to temperatures around body heat for too long. You are able to hold it in your fingers for about five to seven seconds before it begins to stick to your fingers becoming more sticky and less stable. If you wanted to harden the oil to the point of shatter all you have to do it stick it in the freezer for about 5 minutes. After you pull the concentrate out of the freezer you’ll have some hard shatter for a few minutes before the hear returns it to it’s stable oil state.

Scent: When I first put my nose to a mildly sweet & spicy scent dangled just over the oil. Not a pungent smell but very clean that brought to mind thoughts of a Jack Herer strain. The smell is so subtle & sweet it reminds me of the scent of fresh kief.

Taste: I sliced myself a nice glob with my flat head dabber, the head moving through with slight resistance as though I were ripping apart a piece of fresh taffy. When the nail was finally ready to dab the oil began to melt before even touch the head of the Ti, while hovering just over the heated pad the oil began to pool together and run towards the tip of the dabber. The vapor was instant and smooth as I had expected, with a clean hash oil taste on the inhale. The lovely expansion in my lungs was followed with a sweet rich & kiefy finish on the exhale. There was more of a sugary kiefy flavor to the exhale than a hashy one.

High: The initial effect was almost completely isolated to the head. A hazy head swimming feeling was followed by a relaxed and mentally calming effect. Several minuted later the Indica effects began with isolated pain reduction in the neck region just below the back of my head. The most noticeable effects were the calming cerebral relief that was an excellent sit down high for my end of the day med.

Buzz Length: The length is also top notch with this concentrate with an average buzz length of 2 hours off of a nice dab session for an experienced smoker.

Medicinal Applications: The cerebral calming effects of this strain makes it an ideal choice for anyone seeking relief from anxiety, stress, PTSD, or and other type of mental anguish. The pain relief makes this med a wonderful overall choice for those people trying to find an all-in-one concentrate for multiple ailments.

Overall: I could not have been more pleased with this excellent medicine created by a hard working patient caregiver with love & care. The price alone is right for this concentrate that would normally cost upwards of $55 in collectives. For the overall masses of California patients the rising costs of medical cannabis due to rising taxes is forcing many to seek out their medicine elsewhere. This Vortex Mix Sexy Oil is made by the patients, for the patients at a price just about anybody can afford. The purity, well balanced effects, and overall high quality make this concentrate one of my all time favorites. I simply cannot stress enough the importance in not only seeking out the medicine that is right for you, but also doing all you can to know how your medicine was produced and what was done to ensure the highest quality of purity. While there are also other methods of purging that create equally pure results, this is one of the most recent and cleanest examples I have seen and am pleased to be able to share it with you all!

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Author: SuperXinck420

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