Medicated Monday: I Got Hose [Product Review]

Name/Type: IX Gen/Hookah attachment for bongs


Rating: A/A-


I first saw this product back at Kush Expo in Anaheim, CA in July and it immediately intrigued me. Their booth was really busy so I wasn’t able to talk to anyone about it until I ran into them again at HempCon a couple of weeks ago. At first I was a little upset because I had thought up a similar device/idea and was gonna name it either “Skillookah” or “Bookah” for a combo skillet/hookah or bong/hookah. So we both had a great idea, they just happen to jump on it and actually make one first!

When I’m at home and want to smoke, I usually reach for one of our many glass bongs we have available and I’m always looking for new gadgets for them. After chatting with James, the creator of the “I Got Hose” water pipe attachment and trying it out at the event, I knew I had to have one! The guys running the booth were generous enough to let people try it out on the spot before buying it.

The “I Got Hose” hookah attachment comes with either: one, two, three or four approximately three-foot long flexible hookah-like hoses. I got the two hose model. Each hose has a nice, large wooden end with a finished metal tip you draw the smoke through. The other end of the hose is finished with a wooden sleeve that slides over a plastic one-way valve that contains the plastic ball that closes off the hoses that either isn’t in use or your friend is a lightweight and can’t keep up with the others. The one-way valves are attached to a rubber, angled stopper that fits snugly into the top of most glass water pipes. Being able to see and access all the pieces means its easy to keep clean too!


I can see so many advantages this attachment has! If you have a clumsy friend that is dangerous around glass, just load up the bowl, set the bong by you and hand your friend the other hose! You keep the friendship happy and you both get high!

Keep in mind you can use this on a bong that has virtually any bowl/smoking doo-dad on it such as a skillet, concentrate/hash bowl and a concentrate globe and nail! What I really like about it is you don’t have to buy a whole new piece to get the advantages a hookah offers! A Hookah is a social piece. A hookah is made for several Greenies sitting around sharing and stoking the same bowl right?

A great device to introduce within the medical marijuana community for patients that are either bed-ridden and can’t sit-up to take a hit off of a regular water pipe or bong or for any patients too weak to hold a heavy water-filled glass piece.

Personal Comments:

If you think we don’t field-test all this cool shit for you before we review it, buddy you’re wrong! The instant I got the “I Got Hose” home, I put it to use. This is actually something I can and will use at home over and over! I’m generally a concentrate (hash) smoker so with this device, both me and my significant other can get high from the same hit! Plus the glass water pipes are always safe and sound sitting on the table in front of us with only a hose each of us has to be aware of. Just got back from INTCHE in Oakland, CA and took the “I Got Hose” to the parties I attended. Everyone who tried it out absolutely loved it and wanted to know where they could get one!! It’s very reasonably priced and I think they will make really cool gifts for all my stoney friends too!

The only suggestion or change I’d make to the “I Got Hose” would be to make the rubber stopper out of another type of rubber. It’s currently made from a petroleum-based one so if you store the entire thing in a bag or close it up in something air-tight, it has a strong petroleum smell. It’s strong enough to be a turn off for the really ill or patients with allergies to petroleum products or sensitive those to smells. I “highly” recommend trying out the “I Got Hose”, especially if like water pipes and bongs as much as me!

If  you know about any events/activities you think HMJ should cover, let us know about it! Do you have a product you think our Greenies will like? Email Doodette420 to get it reviewed!

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Author: Doodette420

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