Medicated Monday: Just a Trainwreck

Hi Greenies,

This week’s dispensary trip brought us some Trainwreck, Blueberry (review to follow in another post), and some edibles. I’ll show you those but review them later.

As you can tell, I’m not the best photographer just yet, but I promise to get better for you.  Or maybe I’m just high and the picture looks great.  I’m hoping you can at least see the crystals on that second picture.

One of the wonderful things about some dispensaries out here is that if you name them as your primary caregiver,they’ll weigh you out heavier than folks who are coming in with a different (or self) caregiver/provider/whatever you wanna call it.  So, every week you can be sure that I’ve got enough to sample to bring you these reviews.

Let’s hit it.

I get a nice thick smoke with the Trainwreck.  I usually hit it twice then go do something (today it’s laundry), and then come back and hit it again.  After the first two hits, I’m feeling a little buzzed in the head but nothing too bad.  The basement seems further away though and having to go twice leaves me winded.

You know what helps when you’re out of breath?  That’s right, hitting the bowl again.

The high is settling in right behind my eyes.  For a sativa dominant strain, it’s taking its toll.  It’s not a wake and bake kind of smoke (at least not for me) if I have to work/think in the way that some others are (Strawberry Cough, Durban Poison).  Still a nice mellow high though.

It’s touted to be a good painkiller from a medical perspective.  I’d call it a good pain duller.  It brought the level of a deep muscle pain down from about a 7 to around a 3.  Or perhaps I was too busy staring at that spot on the wall to notice my legs hurting.

All in all, not my favorite sativa, but certainly still good.  Now, let me talk to you about some fruit.

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Author: ColoradoHigh

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