Medicated Monday: “Love” Hemp-based Hair Care [Product Review]


Name/Type:  Earthly Body/”Love” Hemp-based Hair Care


Rating:  A+/A


As a Doodette, I’m always on the prowl for new & exciting products with natural ingredients that make me smell good. I can honestly say I’ve never tried any beauty or hair care products that contain hemp before! I know I smoke enough cannabis, but hadn’t really thought of using cannabis or hemp-based stuff for my body! Since covering cannabis, marijuana and hemp related events for HMJ, I’ve seen more and more vendors offering some really nice products. When I walked by Earthly Body’s booth at HempCon my senses were grabbed by a sensual, inviting smell. They entice you over with their intoxicating massage-oil candles they have burning (several of which I bought for gifts). I met Nick and Kat who told me about their products and company and graciously let me smell everything they had, all so yummy and dreamy.

Earthly Body’s motto is: “Nature is our Manufacturer”.  Earthly Body is a respected, family-owned company that has created quality, natural, personal care products since 1994 from Chatsworth, CA. Hemp oil derived from the hemp plant has long been known for its effectiveness as a moisturizer in cosmetics, creams and antiperspirants. Argan Oil from Morocco is famous for its fantastic qualities for hair. Both are rich in nourishing Omega-3s, add moisture to hair, and offer protection from the elements.


I‘ve been wanting to try some new hair products and their “Love” Hemp-based line fit the bill. I have really super fine, straight hair, so I have to be careful of products with oils in them, otherwise I wind up with flat, greasy hair. Their “Soaking Wet” Shampoo and their “Dew” Botanical Conditioner has both hemp seed and Argan oil and is perfect for all hair types including color-treated hair.  Both the shampoo and conditioner has an intoxicating but not over-powering fresh, clean fragrance that includes notes of sensual musk and amber. Perfect for a guy or a girl!

The “Soaking Wet” Shampoo is golden-colored and lathers really nicely with about a dime-sized amount. I only had to wash once and my hair was literally squeaky clean. With some shampoos, you have to use gobs and lather twice and even then it still feels like your hair is coated with either a sticky or oily residue. Not with Earthly Body’s shampoo! It all rinses off and out of your hair.

I’m always skeptical about trying new conditioners because my hair is so fine and straight. I have used Pantene products for quite a while, switching it up with Bumble & Bumble products.  I used about a quarter-sized blob of the super thick  “Dew” Botanical Conditioner and left it on while showering. My fingers literally glided through my hair when I was rinsing it out. It felt like pure silk. I didn’t grab any of the “Love” styling products because I pretty much just blow dry my hair and I’m out the door. I have a problem with those new hair fly-aways that grow in around the front, but I noticed they weren’t flying away after using this stuff! My hair stayed really super soft, shiny and very touchable *wink*

Personal Comments:

I truly and absolutely love Earthly Body’s “Love” Hemp-based Hair Care products. It wasn’t just the way it cleaned and conditioned my hair, or the way it feels, it was the heavenly scent that lingered  after using them! After using the Love products on my hair, I’ve gotten so many compliments about how yummy my hair smelled…even from total strangers! I was standing in line at the grocery store and a girl who was behind me couldn’t stop saying how great my hair smelled. I asked her if she thought it was too girly and she said hell no, the scent just oozes sexiness.

I am definitely going to be buying some more “So Wet” shampoo and the “Dew” conditioner once I run out.  I really like what Earthly Body is all about. Natural, organic products with delicious scents. A local family run business that creates divine hemp based products for your entire body and every member of your family. I highly recommend at least trying out one of their massage candles if you don’t try any of the hair care line.

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