Master OG [Strain Review]

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Name: Master OG

Dispensary/Menu:  Mid City (Los Angeles, CA)

Type: Hybrid; Indica Dominant – OG Kush x Master Kush (unconfirmed)

Price: $45 for an 1/8

Grade: B+

Appearance: You can see the crystals screaming back at you with this strain. Master OG looks super sticky.

Smell: Master OG has a strong, sour smell. I only had one gram and it stunk up the HMJ headquarters.

Taste: I enjoyed the taste, mainly because it was marijuana. Nothing stuck out to me with it though. Another HMJ member commented on how much they liked the taste, so I took that into account when rating it.

High: About 45 minutes.

Buzz Type: It didn’t have me as sleepy as I thought. I only smoked a bowl to see how it was. It was a great stress reliever that clears your mind, which is all I could ask for.

Personal Comments: Mainly, I love the look and stickiness of this OG Master. Just looking at the bud, you know it’s sticky. However, I was disappointed in the taste. After looking at it and feeling it, I thought this was going to be some straight fire. Maybe I’ll have better luck next time.

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Author: MisterMaryJane

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