Medicated Monday: Mini Medi Meal

The Mini Medi Meal (Click for Original)

The Mini Medi Meal
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I’m not sure about you, but I love when I come across savory edibles at dispensaries, since most are usually dessert items, so I put together a “mini medible meal” using some edibles I never tried before.  I opted for a bottle of White Chocolate Caramel Canna Cappuccino, a bag of Mediterranean Tri-Flatbreads, a jar of medicated queso, and some herb and concentrates as an after dinner mint.  This made for a happy, yet mellow, medicated meal that I’d gladly eat again, but let’s take a look at each item individually…

White Chocolate Caramel Canna Cappuccino by Keens Greens Edibles (Click for Original)

White Chocolate Caramel Canna Cappuccino by Keens Greens Edibles
(Click for Original)

DETAILS: This 12 ounce drink is packed with 316mg of cannabinoids, which is a lot more potent than most of the other drinks I’ve seen out there.  Keens Greens Edibles make a number of different drinks and Chai High Teas, with the same level of potency, which come in awesome flavors like Apple Pie High (which I’ll hopefully be sipping upon later this week).

INGREDIENTS: Water, sugar, whey powder, non-dairy creamer, whole milk, cannabis, maltodextrin, instant coffee, cocoa, sodium citrate, natural and artificial flavors, silicon dioxide, and cellulose gum.

MY THOUGHTS: It has a nice cappuccino taste, with a medicated chaser not far behind it.  The combination of the coffee and creamers does a great job of masking the flavor of the immense amount of cannabinoids they packed into this 12 ounce, chilled drink.  The milky flavor is mixed with whey powder, which was a familiar flavor for me, but don’t expect this to taste like a gourmet cappuccino (given the ingredients)…  It’s pretty easy to consume your medication this way, and I’m excited to try out their other flavors.

Mediterranean Tri-Flatbreads by Medibles (Click for Original)

Mediterranean Tri-Flatbreads by Medibles
(Click for Original)

DETAILS: These 10 flatbread crackers collectively contain 100mg of cannabinoids from an unnamed sativa strain, which is a common edible dosage, especially for recreational sales.  Medibles make SO many different medicated edibles, like the Twenty Dollar Bar, which is the most potent chocolate bar I’ve seen yet, at 400mg.

INGREDIENTS: Cannabis, flour, water, olive oil, salt, sugar, rosemary, thyme, marjoram, savory, and onion.

MY THOUGHTS: These crackers aren’t that crunchy, since they’re flatbreads, so they’ll have a bit of chewiness to them.  And I’m not really a fan of the Mediterranean flavor, but that’s the only flavor that was available (I tried two different dispensaries), so the aftertaste is a bit unpleasant to me.  I will say though that the mild hint of citrus you get in the aftertaste, thanks to the marjoram, is actually quite nice.  And since I bought these to dip in the queso, the flavor was masked for the most part, and all I had to deal with was the weird texture as I chewed through them.

Queso by Cold Baked (Click for Original)

Queso by Cold Baked
(Click for Original)

DETAILS:  This 3.5 ounce jar of queso contains 87.5mg of cannabinoids, which isn’t a lot (given the fact that you probably won’t eat the jar in one sitting), but you’re always welcome to dip other edibles into it to boost the overall dosage you get.  Cold Baked makes a few different sauces, and their current lineup is queso, green chili, and BBQ, which makes me think they like to keep things spicy!

INGREDIENTS: Sugar, monosodium something (ends in mante I think – great printing job on the label), corn starch, dextrose, rendered chicken fat, onion powder, hydrogenated vegetable protein, soy, turmeric, natural flavoring, disodium insinuate and concentrate, sodium phosphate, modified food starch, calcium phosphate, dried corn syrup, canola oil, malt dextrin, acetic acid, folic acid, ascorbic acid, sodium alginate and citrate, apocarotenal and annatto, cultured pasteurized milk, peppers, enzymes, cheddar cheese, cheese culture, natamycin, peppers (what kind?), sea salt, citric acid, wheat flour, malted barley flour, niacin, iron (I think), thiamin, mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid (first time it was a preservative, second time… who knows), trace of calcium chloride, apple cider vinegar, water, spices, garlic, xanthan gum, cream, olive oil, sodium benzoate, cannabis and cannabis extracts, monoglycerides, diglycerides, polysorbate 80, and carrageenan.

MY THOUGHTS:  It tastes about the same as any queso I’ve had in the past, but this one has a spicy kick that I love!  And the peppers actually still have some form and texture left to them, unlike other commercial quesos where you’re left with just the skins of the peppers.  It’s like a soft nudge, as your teeth glide through the peppers, just to let you know that they’re there.  But Cold Baked really needs to get a better label printer because I sat here for like 20 minutes, with a lighted magnifying glass, trying to read each ingredient.  Some words I couldn’t even make out, and others seem like typos to me.  While this may not be a hit with healthy eaters, given all the preservatives and other odd ingredients, it tastes great and you can’t even tell it’s a medicated sauce!

I gave the edibles plenty of time to do their thing, and soon I could feel the presence Mary Jane in my face, literally.  For some, this meal would be too much to consume in one sitting by yourself, but given the fact that I’m 6’3″, around 250lbs, and have a different metabolism than you, this is around the level I need to feel the same effects as most people do from edibles.  Now, I didn’t eat all of the queso, and around 450mg is an ideal dosage for me, but now it’s time for an after dinner mint…

Orange Velvet - A Hybrid Strain from Grow Life (Click for Original)

Orange Velvet – A Hybrid Strain from Grow Life
(Click for Original)

DETAILS: This gram of cannabis was organically grown in soil, and then given to me for free from a local dispensary called Grow Life, as perk for being a first time patient, as well as member pricing for two weeks (something not many places do).  It’s a pungent hybrid that Leafly claimed was rare, smelled like Orange Dreamsicles, and no one knows its genetic origins.  Do you see why I wanted to try it out?  And the budtender at Grow Life even said that the strain was extinct, only being kept alive by clones here and there, so I was really pumped to try it out after that.

INGREDIENTS: Nitrogen, potassium oxide, calcium, boron, cobalt, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, zinc, phosphorus pentoxide, magnesium, sulfur, vitamin B1, reverse osmosis water, calcium oxide, sea kelp, molasses, and root soil.

MY THOUGHTS: Orange Velvet has a really distinct citrus smell, which is new to me, that smells like an orange rind, mixed with flowers and sweetness.  The buds look airy, but are actually pretty solid, and are covered in crystals and orange hairs.  I broke it up with my fingers, because I felt like it, and my fingers actually smell as if I had peeled an orange a few hours ago.  Now, it doesn’t exactly taste like the Orange Dreamsicle Leafly mentions in their description, but the bud that I vaporized did have an orangey taste to it, upon exhale, and it added to the body high I was already feeling.  But in all honesty, after vaporizing it a few different times, I’m not really a fan of the flavor at all.

Jedi Death Star Wax from Mahatma Extreme Concentrates (Click for Original)

Jedi Death Star Wax from Mahatma Extreme Concentrates
(Click for Original)

DETAILS:  This gram of hash (wax) was made from premium house trim by Mahatma Extreme Concentrates.  Mahatma took first place for medical concentrates at the Cannabis Cup in Denver last year, as well second place for sativa wax concentrates at the 710 Cup last year, plus 3 different first place awards at last year’s THC Championship, and first place for best solvent concentrates at Dab-A-Doo in Amsterdam last year, so I was anxious to see how good their concentrates really are.  Now, I’m not sure what strains were crossed to make this particular variety (my guess is Death Star and Master Jedi), but I was told it was an indica, and I got it at a discount (first time patient perk from Cannabicare), which is always ideal for me.

INGREDIENTS:  CP grade 99.8% pure N-Butane Hydrocarbon Extraction

MY THOUGHTS:  After I spaced off for a bit, I moved onto the Jedi Death Star wax, which looks like a chunk of caramel, smells like sugary candy with a dash of spice, and tastes a little floral upon exhale.  This wax is made from premium sugar leaf house trim, and touts Mahatma Extreme Concentrates’ Black Label, but has the consistency of a thick butter, not so much a wax.  And sure, this stuff does what it’s supposed to, but I’m not so sure about Mahatma’s concentrates because I cannot get away from that floral perfume taste/smell.  I expected it to be amazing, since they won so many awards, and maybe it’s just this strain… but I hope their extraction process isn’t what’s making it feel like I’m inhaling perfume.

And I almost forgot to finish this…

So, the body buzz for whole meal was quite lovely, and it lasted for a while, but out of all the medibles I tried out today, the queso was probably my favorite. It was a savory edible yet you couldn’t taste the medication at all.  It was a great dip, had a nice spice to it, and I look forward to eating some more of it later.  And while the combination of the overly citrus Orange Velvet and the Jedi Death Star wax wasn’t as delicious as I had hoped, they had me ready to crawl into the comfortable bed beside me, before I had even finished taking notes on them.

But what kind of savory meal would you like infused with cannabis?

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