Medicated Monday [Product Review] Mystic Herbal Cannabis-Infused Body Butter

Mystic herbal cannabis infused body butter
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Mystic Herbal Cannabis-infused Body Butter

Name/Type:  Mystic Herbal Body Care/Healing Topical
Cannabis Body Butter


Rating:   A

Overview: There are probably as many
reasons a person might want to use cannabis as there are ways to use it. Using
cannabis topically for its many healing properties has been scientifically
proven effective to help with joint pain & stiffness, headaches,  muscle strains, eczema and even
wrinkles.  Unfortunately a product
containing actual cannabis is still federally against the law just like the flowers
or bud. Hemp-based products are not against the law because the “psychoactive”
THC and cannabinoids have been removed (meaning you can’t get a buzz or high
from it).

Mystic Herbal Topical Cannabis products like the Body
Butter I am reviewing contain actual cannabis extracts and are only available
to CA patients and collectives that have valid medical marijuana recommendations.
There may be plans to include other US states where medical marijuana and
cannabis are legal soon.

Overall: Mystic Herbal carries four
cannabis-infused healing products that include Body Butter, Lotion, Massage Oil
and Handmade Soap. All of their products are made with naturally nourishing
ingredients like Raw Shea Butter, essential oils and are infused with cannabis.
I chose Body Butter which is a creamy, thick, rich, non-greasy emollient with a
bright yellowish color. It stays solid that can be stored without
refrigerating. Some conditions that topical cannabis can alleviate/improve are:
arthritis, joint and muscle pain & stiffness, eczema, headaches, menstrual
cramps and as an anti-inflammatory. It’s also used as a sunscreen and helps
soothe sunburn. It can be used as a moisturizer and to help diminish scars and
wrinkles! So many times health/beauty inspired products are scented with only
girls in mind or it smells like Grandma with the heavy menthol scents that are
found in pain relieving ointments. I’m happy to see products and scents guys
could use. Mystic Herbal has a really nice selection of “scents” that would be
good for either sex.  Their lotions, oils
and soaps are uni-sex too. All their products are available in unscented. The
Body Butter comes in a 4 oz. blue-glass jar and sells for $22.00. You must be a
verified Medical Marijuana patient in order to use their cannabis infused line
of products.

Personal Comments: I’m fortunate enough to
be a legal CA Medical Marijuana patient and can medicate a number of ways for
whatever ails me. Since being a patient for the last five years, I’ve become
more interested and aware of finding cannabis-infused health and beauty
products I use every day like soaps, moisturizers and hair care products. I’m
all for using something natural or holistic versus popping a pill or taking
something that could potentially have harmful side effects. I picked up a jar of Mystic
Herbal Body Care’s
Body Butter while at INTCHE a few months back. They had a booth in what’s called
the “215 Area” – the area where legal CA Medical Marijuana
patients can “medicate” legally and vendors of cannabis/marijuana products can “donate”
samples to legal patients at hemp/cannabis/marijuana events. I decided to try
the “Jamaican Vibe” scented Body Butter that had a very nice tropical scent of
pineapple and coconut… very pina colada and luscious smelling. The reason I
used the Body Butter was for a slight headache that had been nagging me. I got
a small dime-sized dab on my finger and let my body heat melt it a bit. I
rubbed it between my two fingers and on my temples. I went back to doing some
chores and seriously, within 10 minutes my headache was GONE! I can’t promise
it will get rid of a pounding New Year’s Eve hangover type of headache, but it
has saved me from popping aspirin on several occasions when you have an
irritating throb between your ears or behind your eyes.  You can tell the butter is working because you
can actually see the circulation in the area improve by the skin becoming

Mystic Herbal Body Care/Healing Topical Cannabis Body Butter
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Mystic Herbal Body Care/Healing Topical Cannabis Body Butter

Since getting my first jar of Mystic Herbal Body Butter,
I’ve used it for headaches, on the joints in my hands, for a sore back and a
couple of strained muscles…no I’m really not falling apart, just super active
and kind of clumsy! Mystic Herbal’s Cannabis-Infused products are reasonably
priced and have a plethora of uses to help your body repair and feel good.


If you know about any cannabis
or interesting events/activities you think HMJ should cover, let us know about
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