Medicated Monday: SkilleTools Dabbers [Product Review]

Name/Type: SkilleTools/Dabber for Concentrates


Rating:  A+


Concentrates, more specifically waxes, goos, budders and oils are becoming more and more popular. In California marijuana is recognized by the state for medicinal purposes. The glassware and utensils currently being designed for use with concentrates are becoming more elaborate yet economical as more users are turning to concentrates. The new tools that come with using them are becoming a huge market in itself. I’ve used concentrates for over two years and have gone through a gamut of tools to “dab” or consume the concentrates with, so I’m probably the ideal candidate to give you an honest review of SkilleTools!

What on Earth is a SkilleTool?! I guess you have to know what a skillet is first. A skillet is a flat, metal, frying pan looking plate that is heated usually with a blow torch until red hot and concentrated cannabis (waxes, budders, melts) is placed (dabbed) onto the hot skillet under a bell-shaped glass and tube where it’s vaporized and inhaled through the smoking device (water pipe). SkilleTools are used to dab concentrates onto a “nail” too. A nail is made of either glass, quartz or titanium and resembles a houshold nail. It’s heated with a torch like the skillet, but instead of a glass tube and bell-shaped hood, it comes with a separate glass “globe” that fits over the nail and where the concentrates are “dabbed”. The “nail” is quickly replacing the “skillet” or vapor curves because it’s easier to make and use and has less glass to break.

Concentrates are exactly that – concentrated cannabis trichromes that contain THC, CBDs and terpenes – the stuff that makes you feel high and alleviates pain/discomfort. Now that you have a idea of how a skillet or nail works and why you’d want one, you soon sense the need for a handy tool that can dab your cannabis onto this sizzling hot surface. I think every person I know that consume concentrates started out with paperclips, which you then graduate to a drug store cheap-assed dental pic with a plastic handle. If you are creative, you can find various pokers, wires, etc. to make a dabber out of, but believe me, they don’t last and aren’t very efficient.

Personal Comments: I ran into the Skilletools booth this year at the recent High Times Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles, CA. Eddie was working the booth by himself, but still made time to explain and demonstrate SkilleTools to all the curious onlookers. When I first saw SkilleTools at a Harvest Festival last year in Southern California, I knew I had to have one and try it! I have used everything from paperclips to dental pics. While cheap dental pics and even certain fingernail tools work, I was concerned with the coatings on them and exactly what metals they were made from. The entire SkilleTools lines of dabbers are made from dental grade surgical steel. Now I can dab with confidence!

Overall: I’ve been using my “Flexy” SkilleTools dabber for nearly a year now and it still looks and performs as if I got it yesterday!  Ok, well the white plastic logo/label is a little dirty but otherwise It’s dabsolutely fabulous! The edges aren’t worn down, it hasn’t bent or broken and trust me, it has served up literally thousands of dabs! I definitely recommend picking up one of these. It is virtually indestructible but it’s up to you to hang on to it!


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