[Medicated Monday] Strain Review: Chem Valley Kush (S/I)

Name:  Chem Valley Kush

Grade: A

From: Elemental Wellness Center in San Jose, CA. Menu

Cannabinoids: 22.57%THC. Testing provided by Steep Hill Labs.

Type: (S/I) A Sativa dominant hybrid originating from a Kush phenotype.

Cost: $14/g – $45/8th (Before tax)

Looks: I visited the newly remodeled Elemental Wellness Center and was welcomed with a plethora of high testing THC strains to choose from! The Chem Valley Kush was one of the many testing at over 20% THC and the classic sticky kush shaped buds were calling my name. The bud structure was a lankier Kushy Christmas tree shape with a light lime green color and a lovely sheen from the shiny trichomes. The buds were very well manicured with little to no leaf left over and light orange whipsy hairs. The  buds were a nice density, not too hard but not to fluffy. This is a just a beautiful strain with short, fat headed trichomes.

Scent: The sweet piney dominant smell is what first greets you when opening up the bag. There is then a distinct hint of a sour Chem Dawg undertone. The overall smell come off as a sweet and sour aroma that makes your mouth water! Ground up in my metal grinder the terpenes seem to transition to a sour Chem Dawg dominant aroma with the piney/kush smell becoming enhanced to an almose Pine-Sol type stench!

Taste: As always I packed up this premium flower in my freshly cleaned HiSi glass bong and light up the bowl with my BeeLine hemp wick. The inhale brought with it a sweet and piney taste with a somewhat earthy, smokey undertone. The exhale was extremely smooth with a sweet/sour touch on the taste buds. The flavor of the exhale was absolutely incredible, the dispensary noted this strain as being a Kush phenotype but there is a clear Chem Dawg mix within the genetics.

High: The buzz hit me almost instantly in the head and forehead, the high was extremely heady! An extremely uplifting and euphoric buzz came with medicating with this fine strain. Along with mood elevation I experienced the Indica effects of this Sativa dominant hybrid in my head and neck in the form of pain alleviation and numbness.

Buzz Length: 2 hours

Medicinal Applications: This is a wonderful strain for those seeking relief from ailments such as: Depression, anger issues, anxiety, stress, ADHD, and PTSD. The mostly uplifting Sativa effects help treat mental ailments, but also includes the benefits of an Indica.

Overall: The Chem Valley Kush at Elemental Wellness Center was a first for me. I had neither tried, nor heard of this strain previously and was excited to try a new strain from a renown cannabis dispensary. Elemental Wellness Center is known for it’s award winning strain and extremely large strain variety for it’s patients at affordable prices. The Chem Valley Kush is a mid grade med that honestly would be labeled as a top shelf in other local dispensaries simply based on looks, let alone overall potency. With all the amazing and high THC percentage testing strains at Elemental Wellness I was glad to find a strain that was not only new, but also lived up to the hype! If you’re ever in the area do yourself a favor and stop by Elemental Wellness Center, or if you ever come across the Chem Valley Kush be prepared to descend into the crevasse of mind blowing kush.

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Author: SuperXinck420

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